Monday, November 12, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 11th November

Trip location:  Racha Yai island Bay 1, Bay 3,Bay 5-4

Number of divers: 11

Number of snorkelers:  

Water temperature: 29 degrees Celsius 

Underwater visibility:  15-20m

Weather conditions:  sunny

Surface conditions:  calm

Dive details and points of interest:

It's been a nice relaxing day today on the thailand divers boat for the 1st dive  Ollie's group checked in on the bat fish when he dove the wreck and my group found a nice zebra moray and also a turtle eating a jellyfish. For the 2nd dive their was clownfish blue spotted rays and bearded scorpionfish. On the 3rd dive we saw a lonesome cobia which excites me because these fish are very lazy fish and like to buddy up with the manta ray for a free taxi ride. Role on racha noi tomorrow and  I will keep be keeping my eyes peeled for Mantas at banana bay 

Customers who have passed a diving course. 

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