Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 12th November


Trip location:  Racha Noi, Banana Bay,Marina Bay,Racha Yai Bungalow Bay

Number of divers: 13

Number of snorkelers:  2

Water temperature: 30 degrees Celsius 

Underwater visibility:  Banana Bay 20m Marina Bay 15m Bungalow Bay 15m

Weather conditions:  cloudy with sunny spells 

Surface conditions:  calm

Dive details and points of interest:
Lots to see today on the first dive at Banana Bay Gerald's group were doing their advanced Open water navigation spec and spotted a banded sea krate Mathews group spotted a beautiful honey cone moray eel and my group saw 2 harlequin shrimp on a big coral Barmey. On the 2nd dive at Marina Bay Ollie's group found two robust ghost pipefish which are my faverioute of all the pipefish family. These things look like leaves or candy bar wrappers so are very difficult to spot the smile on Ollie's face when he climbed back up the ladder to the dive deck was as big as a Cheshire cats. At Bungalow Bay Their was blue spotted rays scorpionfish and also a stone fish. Their was also loads more to see. Great stuff today as alway and a big thank you to all who came.

 Customers who have passed a diving course. 

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