Monday, March 28, 2016

Two Very Important Safety Issues Over Looked by Most Divers and Most Dive Centers Too.

Since I have been in phuket thailand there are two very important things that so many people forget about  when in phuket scuba diving. People spend months researching new dive sites and all the latest gear. They read up on all the latest computers and gadgets. Are fully up to date with the latest training and science behind diving but then they come diving in phuket they all forget 2  very important things.

Off Gassing

 Eating Well

 Eating and sleeping. No one is at their best no matter what they do if you are not well rested. For divers its even more important as when diving you absorb Nitrogen. This needs to come out your system between dives so when you see divers relaxing in the sun they are not being lazy but they are going through whats called off gassing. 

Its a very important safety procedure. Again if people dont eat well their energy levels drop and in diving that can be fatal at 30 meters. 

The other big issue with eating is sugar levels if you are hungry then you are not thinking about all you need to underwater. Low sugar levels can mean not thinking clearly and making bad decisions and again can be fatal when diving. 

 So next time you are in phuket scuba diving and you see divers having nice big lunches and then resting in the sun on an island under a palm tree or on the sun deck of a dive boat. 

Please remember its not for fun but a vital safety procedure that can save their life and that of their buddy or in the case of instructors all their students too. 

Thats why instructors will need bigger lunches and even more time off gassing just to be safer. Its not all jumping in the water and swimming with Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and the rest. So when diving in phuket be safe and remember phuket thailand  has some of the best foods and off gassing places on earth. Safety is a major part of the day too. Tropical countries even more so with the long hours in the warm sun and the cool sea breezes. 

So to every diver remember to be safe.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Phuket Thailand is The Only Place to be When Scuba Diving in Thailand

phuket  thailand is the only place to be when scuba diving in and around Thailand. Another great days diving in phuket, So many locations in phuket thailand and the Similans.
title-15156-mediumBut what so good with diving in phuket and Patong is the amazing diving and the great apres diving too. What ever your experience diving and what ever you like to do in the evening then its here in Patong.
1916800_192700387143_8294992_n           Great food, great music and great bars. Dive under the waves with Thailand Divers in the day time and wash the salt from your mouth in Waves Bar in the evening.

1af98-1918490_10153606274797144_4867264114571011739_n 12541124_550414098456673_7873811543796395261_n-1
The staff are great fun and  no matter what you like in the evening from good food, relaxing live music come to see  Lovely Ann Daganta  who is one of the best live singers in Thailand and by far the best in phuket thailand.  Then add to the great fun staff at Waves bar then its sure to be a great day followed by a good evening too.
So come join us at Thailand divers for the best diving in the Andaman ocean by visiting Phuket. You can dive from  Phi Phi to the similan islands, Richelieu rock and right into the Burma banks and the famous Black Rock.
Check in to a dive center like Thailand Divers that is so much more than just as dive center for all your tours  both day and night time when in phuket thailand. But the thing thats always worth doing when in the tropics is to take the plunge and go scubadiving in phuket.  Your holiday will not be complete without a day in the islands either above, below or in  Waves when in phuket thailand.11902512_947870858589176_7684508208748159524_n

Friday, March 18, 2016

Scuba Diving in Phuket Thailand With Thailand Divers Is Fun Both On And Off The Water

                                                                                                                                                             What is so good about the diving in phuket with a dive center like Thailand Divers?  There are many small dive centers on the island of Phuket Thailand along with several larger ones. Most are fairly new companies and there are several that have been here for many years.  When in phuket scuba diving there are plenty of choice but what you need is fair advice. 

Most centers will just sell you what you ask for or try to up sell to you. This is not always whats needed. What they should be doing is just talking to you so they can find out what it is that you actually like doing. What appeals to some does not appeal to others.  What Thailand Divers is all about is giving the beat possible to each person. Why do we want to sell a newbie diver a 4 day live aboard when the conditions are not so good when doing 4 day trips to locations that are diving far better will be cheaper and give you a better experience of diving in phuket.
 The number of people we we see that say they have been to this dive site before with another company and they did not like it. Then after a chat you find out they were sent to a certain location in monsoon season after a storm and the water is very murky when a dive site on the sheltered side of  another island in another location still has 20 meter viz. The only reason the other dive center sold that trip was that was where their boat was going that day. Here at Thailand Divers we can offer all locations everyday and will always take into account current conditions and what type of dive YOU enjoy before telling you the options. 

Thats the key giving you options. 

Scuba diving in phuket has so much to offer from 30 meter wreck dives to 5 meter reef dives. From the soaring pinnacles of Richelieu Rock or Tachai pinnacle to the long walls of Koh Doc Mai. The diving in phuket thailand is so varied that unless the dive center you speak to spends a bit of time explaining all the options to you then they can send you to a place that you do not like when with a 5 minute chat you could have been on the right boat going to the right location. 
The scuba diving in phuket is great all year round for all levels of diver. There are times of year when the Manta ray and Whale shark are around and times of year when they are not.  Shark point does not always have the Leopard sharks but other locations will.  Just by a quick glance at Thailand Divers Trip Advisor page you will see the friendliness of the staff is a constant as the choice and advice offered before booking.

Phuket Thailand is also known for so much more than diving.  There are hundreds of tour sellers all trying to sell hundreds of tours. However 99% of the sellers have never been on any of them so have no first hand experience of any of them. Here at Thailand Divers we offer the same high standards on all our tours as we do with our diving.  All tours are ones that we have been on and enjoyed ourselves. 
The aim of all good dive centers should be to offer the best service both above the waves as well as below them. People on holiday do not know the towns as well as the people who live there and as such need some advice on where is good to eat and where to go out at night. Where you can have a good night without having to worry about anything. Where to go for live music or where to go for some good fish.  This is where the experience of the staff and instructors comes in. If you have had a good day on the water with you instructor then there is a good chance you will enjoy the similar style when it comes to food and entertainment. 

There are some great places to go to wash the salt from your mouth after a day under the ocean. The live music scene in phuket thailand is amazing. A great place is Waves bar in Patongs Soi Freedom off Bangla Road. 

Here 6 days a week they have live music and the band is one of the best I have heard. They know more songs than most radio stations and what ever you ask for they normally know them and play them well. The staff are great and dont pester you like many bars in Thailand but they are there when your glass runs low. The prices cheap and you can not fail to have a great night as well as a great day.

Phuket Thailand has some of the best diving and some of the best food and apres diving too. All you need is a guide for the diving and some sound advice  for the evening too. Bad advice in the evening can lead to a bad days diving the next day just as a bad days diving can ruin the evening too. Both compliment each other. So when you are thinking of going to phuket scuba diving then its really worth talking to a long established company via live chat so you can get all the information you need rather than just the trip that they want to sell you. Scuba diving in phuket is so much more than just getting wet and looking at fish. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Are You Happy Living on Just 20% of the Planet

Are You Happy Living on Just 20% of the Planet

This is actually very real. So many people never see the sea at all, others only paddle when they come to places like phuket thailand on holiday. However more and more people each year when having their paddle decide to try scuba diving in phuket due to the warm weather, clear water and great reefs.
The ocean is being opened up to so many more people by dive centers like Thailand Divers by having PADI trips called Discover Scuba Diving. This means that even non swimmers can get involved in diving. This is such a revelation to so many. The entire human population squeezed into 29% of the planets surface and underwater so much space. Come join the few who have the whole 100% of planet to explore. Just choose a dive center thats been around for as many yeas as possible as they are most likely to have the most experienced instructors but 10 years is normally enough to be well established.
You will be amazed at the calmness, the beautie, the colour but most of all the peace and quiet.
Even if you have never tried before pick a PADI dive center with many years experience as they will have the most experienced instructors and jump in.
The rush and cramped conditions that 99% of people suffer on their 29% of the planet compared the space and relaxed pace of life underwater. Just 1 hour underwater will wipe a year of stress away and the hectic, cramped lifestyle you have led up till now will vanish forever once you have been scuba diving in phuket. When you are in phuket scuba diving you will be getting an experience that very will will open your eyes to the 71% of the globe that is way out of reach to most other people. So next time you are in phuket thailand why not joing the few people who can really be free and escape the chaos and cramped conditions that most chose to live in. Now you can really feel free.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Are You a Nervous Diver and in Need of a Confidence Boost?

For many new scuba divers the most important thing to do after getting you Open Water license is to get in the water. This for some can be daunting as all of a sudden you are away from your instructor and on a boat will many other people who have done so much more than you. This is where scuba diving in phuket comes into its own.  The island of phuket thailand lies in the Andaman ocean on the west coast of thailand in year round warm tropical waters.


 The conditions here offer some of the best diving anywhere in the world which makes for great confidence building diving. The dive sites are shallow, the currents minimal and clear waters offer 20 meter viz for most of the year and 30 - 40 meter in high season. Add to that the clear blue sky, warm sun and light breezes it makes for perfect condition for most of the year. 

phuket scuba diving has many small dive centers plus a few larger ones that have been teaching people  diving in phuket for many years. Try to pick one that has 10 years plus on the island as you then know that they are a good one as the smaller ones can come and go overnight. Thailand Divers has been on the island since before the Tsunami in 2004 so this is a good example as even being on the beach at that time did not slow the company down and is still going strong.  you also know that a long standing company will have ling standing instructors that know the waters like the back of their hands and more importantly know how to teach safely and as with many things experience counts. Places like phuket thailand see so many people come and go as if things are not done right when there is so many other options they soon vanish as quick as they appear. Thats not just dive centers but instructors too. The good ones are here and always busy and the poor ones soon have to move on. 

You will find with phuket scuba diving the boats are large, comfortable with  a chef onboard to cook for you. many have sun decks too so its a very relaxing day. The boats being large can offer a nice day out too for snorkeling and for families or groups where there are divers and non divers together.  Some even have fun things to do for non divers like paddle boars, glass bottom canoes and even a water slide. One even had a playstation on a large flat screen to keep even the little ones quiet while you go for a dive.

A few days diving in perfect conditions in phuket thailand will boost even the most nervous divers confidence so when they return to other destinations they are already "experienced" divers and will then have the confidence to tackle other conditions and diving locations around the world with ease.  After a few days scuba diving in phuket will you wonder what you were ever nervous about to begin with. You will come home with great photos, great memories and a big desire to return as soon as possible. Scuba diving in phuket will turn a newbie into a diver with all the skills, stories ( as all divers have many stories)  and confidence of even the most seasoned divers. Dont believe me then come and see for yourself.  At the very least you will have a great holidays on a warm tropical island.