Monday, November 5, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 26th October


Trip date:   26th October

Trip location:  Racha yai Bungalow bay south,bay 1,bay 3

Number of divers:  6

Number of snorkelers:  p

Water temperature: 27degrees Celsius 

Underwater visibility:  15meters

Weather conditions:  sunny

Surface conditions:  calm 

Dive details and points of interest  
another great day diving at Racha yai today  on the 1st dive at bungalow bay we saw cuttle fish octopuses bearded scorpion fish false clown anemone fish schools of chevron barracuda and java rabbit fish also  millions of glass fish and the awesome honey cone moray eel, on the 2nd dive one at bay 1 the advanced open water group dove the wreck and met up with the open water group on the reef at the end of the dive the wreck divers were treated to a school of bat fish as per usual we also saw lion fish garden eels the finbreated
Moray and many many more, on the 3rd  dive at Bay 3 we saw two territorial Titan trigger fish facing off against each other. We also noted some blue spotted rays in the sand when on our safety stop.

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