Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Makes Phuket Scuba Diving And The Similans So Great.

Many people ask what makes phuket scuba diving or the similans so great? Well the answer is simple. Warm tropical water, 40 meter vizability and light currents. Oh and of course the thousands of different marine creatures too.

Phuket Thailand does have so much to offer all level of diver plus plenty for the non divers too.

But there are also so many places to go just to get away for some peace and quiet as well. Miles of empty beach. Isolated places ideal for scuba diving phuket. Great phuket day trips to place like Jame Bond island

Thailand Divers

Tiny places to eat away from the crowds and the menu is what was caught from the boat that afternoon.  Diving phuket is just one way for you to get away from the madness of the holiday resorts and discover one of the truly great countries on this world and the friendliest people on earth. Thailand Divers offers it all. What a stunning country. Phuket Thailand so much more than just diving.
There is so much to do if you like adventure and a busy holiday. The diving in phuket is world class, shopping centers bowling and 1,000s of bars and places to eat. So many places to visit both on and off the water. 

Friendly locals and stunning warm blue ocean always ending with awesome sunsets. There are just so many Thailand islands around phuket that you can visit a different one everyday no problem. 

Take the Similan islands. this chain of  nine tiny islands way out in the Andaman ocean offer about the best of the phuket tours. These are by far the best islands in Thailand and they are a protected area and are a marine national park. For the divers there is a similan islands liveabaord where you can stay over night or as many nights as you with on the boat just cruising around the national park diving as you go. This is not just the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer but is rated as one of the top ten diving locations in the world. 

Then for the non diver there is a great day to be had visiting the similan island chain by speed boat and snorkeling in the blue waters and untouched reefs as you go. This really is by far the best snorkeling in phuket.  There are as you can well imagine plenty of other phuket snorkel tours but a day in the similan islands will take a lot of beating when it comes to phuket snorkeling. Think Similan Thailand then think paradise.

There really are so many phuket day trips to choose from that you will never be a loss for something to do.  From the world class similan diving trips or canoeing in Phang Nga bay. Or when you need a day or two off the water then try going inland where there are a couple of great Phuket safari tours. There is a great phuket day trips to Khao lak for a days safari.  Then for the real nature lovers and photographers then there is a great Khao Sok  discovery tour for either a one night or two night trip explorong either the jungles and rivers in the Khao Sok national park or exploring the lakes too by longtail boat and bamboo rafts. Then you can always have a two day Khao Sok safari and do both jungle and lakes before heading back to phuket.

Then there is the awesome Phuket game fishing too. There are is a great day trip for tuna and reef fishing along with snorkeling too or you can really go for the big game fishing phuket tours when you aim for the big fish like Black marlin or sail Fish which like the deeper waters just off  the main diving and snorkeling locations.

If you have never tried before then phuket is the perfect place to try. Discover scuba diving phuket and you will be hooked for life. The PADI open water course phuket is just three days and you can get your PADI open water scuba diving license.  Or if you are already a certified diver then why not go that extra step and do a divemaster internship Thailand and then not only will you be a dive professional and be able to work all over the world but you can also do a similan divemaster course and get qualified while on a liveabaord trip too.

 This course gives you your PADI divemaster course plus at least three similan liveabaord trips too. Now that is an awesome trip. Then for those wanting to go all the way then why not round up by doing an IDC Thailand too. The instructor development course Thailand will take you and after just a few hard weeks you will be a fully qualified open water scuba diving instructor. 

There really are just so many things to do in phuket you will have a holiday of a life time. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Become A Scuba Diving Professional With Thailand Divers

If you love scuba diving and hate the "rat race" then this may just be the way to go. Here in Phuket Thailand we can offer you the greatest life changing step you will ever make.

Here in the warm tropics amongst the many Thailand islands lies Phuket. Just off the west coast.  If you have never been diving phuket then you know that it really is awesome diving and some of the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer. For those that have been then they will as so many before have been then are hooked. Then there are the lucky few who can call this island paradise home.

Ok so whats the first step?? Well the first professional level is Divemaster. All you need to begin this course is just to have 40 logged dives. Then you need to decide on a phuket dive center. There are many to choose from. First you look for one that has been around for many years as there are some like Thailand Divers that have been teaching diving on the island for 15 years now.  The dive centre Thailand you choose will make all the difference. When doing the PADI divemaster course phuket or anywhere come to that you want all the experience you can get.

For many people who do a PADI Divemaster course Thailand they do it over a couple of months. This is by far the best way to do it as the more experience you get on your divemaster course then the better divemaster you will be on completion. As a divemaster then you will be expected to be a great guide, give accurate, informative and descriptive dive briefings. Then lead the dive keeping control of the group without spending the whole dive banging your tank and telling everyone to stay together. Then you will also need to be aware off all the divers abilities and air consumption. Then how to manage the dive to give the whole group maximum time underwater and not have to cut a dive short as one person runs out of air. This is all experience.

Then in top of that most people who are doing the PADI divemaster course phuket are doing it with the aim of continuing on to do an IDC Thailand too and become a PADI open water scuba instructor.  The role of a divemaster is to assist the instructor when teaching. This is also vey good experience for you when you decide to move up and do your own PADI instructor developement course Thailand. So the longer you can spend on you divemaster course then the more varied course you will be able to assist with. Yes for sure you will assist with an open water course phuket and of course the most common thing when people are on holiday and want to try something new. Then they want to discover scuba diving phuket which is always a lot of fun when you are a divemaster and all of a sudden you see what its like when you learn to dive phuket from the other side. Now you are not just doing the skills for yourself but showing others how to do them. Take the phuket open water course. How many skills were there when you did that?? Now you have to do all of these in a manor so others can see what you are doing in a slow relaxed manor and all very exaggerated so as to highlight every point of the skill. These are all roles of the divemaster.

So as so many people want to learn to dive in Phuket there is always a huge need for good divemasters.  Plus every month of the year there is an IDC Phuket too which again is alway great for people doing their PADI divemaster course phuket.

Plus here we have the huge bonus of the best islands in Thailand....The similan islands. These great islands are fantastic diving and are rated in the top ten in the world. The similans are a massive draw for divers who want to spend several days on the boat and exploring as they go. The Similan island liveaboard season is mid October till mid May so if you can arrange your divemaster course for this time then some great diving awaits you. There are some great phuket tours to the similan islands for over night trips to 8 day phuket safari tours that go right up into the Surin island and on into the Burma banks. Diving in Thailand as a divemaster and even when as a divemaster trainee and if you choose the right dive center an the right time of year then there is no reason that you will not end up in the Similan islands Thailand for a trip ( or two) of a lifetime.

Now Thailand Divers have gone one step better. Why not do a 6 week divemaster internship Thailand in the Similan islands?? This way you can get all the experience of guiding and teaching and be in one of the best locations on earth. A similan divemaster course will take 6 weeks and include at least 3 similan liveaboard trips. This in itself is worth every penny as one 3 day trip costs 20, 000 baht. So in the six week course you will do 3 trips of three, four or even five days which are more than the cost of the trips.

Then on top of that you can get a months work on completion of the course getting in more diving and getting paid so you can get some of the money back again directly. How good is that. Doing the PADI divemaster course similans including three similan liveabaord trips PLUS then another month on the similan island liveabaords and getting paid for enjoying the similan islands diving. Where better than the similans to gopro Thailand.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

In the Similan Islands With Thailand Divers

Thailand Divers in the Similan Islands

Amazing time with Thailand Divers on a similan islands liveabaord.
This week in phuket scuba diving is in the Similans with Thailand Divers and it has been amazing. This week at the Similan islandhas been perfect. Blue sky, warm water, cool breeze, and so much varied sea life. Scuba diving Thailand has it all. This was the best weeks diving in many a year. Right up and into the Surin islands and richelieu Rock. Awesome. 

From the warm clear waters of the Similan Island national park that produce perfect visability and minimal currents make it a perfect location for divers of all levels. The diving here is so relaxed that no matter where you go after then nothing will compare. Shallow reefs with turtles drifting past, reef sharks up and down, sea horses and sea moths for the macro lovers to the huge Napoleon Wrasse there is something for all on every dive. The similan islands Thailand really deserves its ranking in the top ten diving locations in the world. 

The heading north to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and a day diving Richelieu rock. Here the water is always warm and although you can get current from time to time its still just easy drift diving. This is the home of the big fish like the Whale shark and the massive Oceanic Manta Ray.

For those of you who dive you can never be disappointed when diving phuket and the similan islands. From newly certified Open water diver to the most experienced. Jumping on a Phuket liveaboard you will be on a trip you will never forget. A similan liveaboard is a trip that dreams are made of. Phuket diving is really one of the top locations in the world as there is more than enough to please everyone. Even if you have never been before there is no better place to experience the underwater world. When in Phuket scuba diving is a must. The best thing is the cost. Amazing boats, amazing food, world class diving and cheaper than a week staying at home. Thanks to Thailand Divers (and others)  scuba diving Phuket is in easy reach of even the smallest budget. Similan island diving is a trip you will always remember and be the bench mark for all liveabaord trips afterwards. 
There are great phuket day trips to the similan islands too for the non divers too. The phuket snorkeling trips to the similans take you to four of the similan islands where you can get to see some stunning reefs, virgin beaches and so much to see it will be by far the best. A trip to the best islands in Thailand will be a highlight of your holiday.
There are lots of other phuket tours to places like James Bond island where there is sightseeing, canoeing as well as snorkeling.  Then Thailand also has some of the best Phuket game fishing tours too. There are many protected ares too that are for diving and snorkeling but just off shore outside in the deeper ares offers some great game fishing area. There are normal fishing day trips and cover trolling, bottom . fishing and snorkeling too. Then there is the Big game fishing phuket trips which is more specialized for going after the really big Fish. 
Also for those that want a break from the beach and ocean trips. Then there are some great phuket safari tours too. The Khao Sok discovery safari trip is a great over night trip. This can be an over night jungle trip or Khao Sok lake safari and is awesome for photography and wold life lovers. Then for a 3 day trip there is a combined jungle and lake combination. There are just so many things to do in phuket that you will never have tome to do everything in one trip.
If you think similan Thailand then you will know you are in for a treat. This will be one of the best locations you will ever visit. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Great Diving and NON Diving Tours Of Phuket Thailand

I feel this may be a good time to write a bit about all the great diving Phuket has to offer.

What with all the trouble in the Middle East and all the people who normally dive in the Red Sea now having to look elsewhere to dive. Many are looking to the warm waters of Phuket Thailand to get their diving fix but there are so many choices for those that never travel out of the Red Sea. So many phuket dive centers to choose from. There are so many places to dive, so many dive sites. Where do they choose?? I am not going to say this is best or thats the best as everyone is different and everyone wants something different out of their trip . The beat thing is to listen to other people and what they say. The common consensus is the best islands in Thailand are the Similan islands.
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.13.04 PM
During high season there are so many options for diving in phuket. If you are looking for a liveaboard  then think similan Thailand and you wont go wrong.  From November through to April there are up to  hundred companies from all over the world all claiming the same thing. That they are the best and they are the only company to come to with for scuba diving Thailand. This is the first difference with Thailand Divers. We dont say how good we are. We rely on our customers to tell us about what they think of us. Some say this is a risky plan and it may be if you keep getting bad feedback. In this day and age more people complain  about things than say thank you, or we had a great time. However this has been the policy of Thailand Divers and it has worked for the last 13 years. Thailand divers has been teaching people scuba diving in phuket since 2003. Not only do we run all PADI courses but we also have 3 dive day trip seven days a week 365 days a year. This is rare for resorts offering diving in Thailand.

 Due to the conditions here phuket day trips scuba diving is available here all year round. We teach people from total non swimmers who have never seen the sea before right up to people with 10,000 dives behind them. On top of this we also run liveaboard trips to the Similans from Mid October right through till mid May departing everyday. So no matter when you arrive or depart we have a 1 night, 2 night, 3 night right up to 2 weeks or as many nights as you like departing on the day you want and returning on the day you want.  We also have liveaboard trips during “low season” too to the uninhabited island of Racha Noi. There are so many Thailand islands to choose from but from phuket there are so many options that we can happily dive here all year round. 

All I can do is tell you whats is available and when it is either by e-mail, phone, or live chat on the website.  I can advise you on local weather, conditions and what locations are diving well at the time you will be arriving. I can get you to the best locations for you and your group. But what I can not do is make comments on what our customers say about diving in phuket and about us. I can leave that part up to all of you.

I can highly recommend this company for this phuket scuba diving trip. I did the 7 dives over the 2 days with 1 being a night dive.
Firstly a big than you to Simon who I contacted via message/email. Who was very helpful and quick with information and advice on arranging our trip.Next was are transport and pick up via luxury a/c minibus early start 06:30 it was on time, the driver was informative and told us to have a sleep as it was a 1 and 1/2 hour trip to dock area.So my wife was happy to have a sleep for the journey.When we arrived at the docks, we were offered drinks, light snacks and toilet facilities were clean. All of our luggage was taken by the staff the boat/ bus boys, to the fast speed boat.The speed boat was all packed up and we departed for the Similan Islands, about 1 & 1/4 hour journey.We saw Dolphins swimming along side our boat. Great!When we arrived at the large dive boat 3!!We were greeted warmly by the ships crew.The dive instructor was very welcoming and told us about our day with all the information we needed to know.My dive master was George (Spanish) very nice guy. He sorted all our dive equipment out and put it altogether for us.My wife was only on the boat for the day doing 2 dives, her dive master was Sun (Thai) lady and my wife said after she was very helpful and made her feel at ease.The dives were amazing water was warm 28c lots of different and colourful fish to see and made more interesting by our dive masters input and knowledge of the area.The boat dropped us off on our entry point the came to pick us up, lovely the boat boys were helpful in getting us out of the water, quickly and safely. So thank you guys it’s great when my wife gets tired and some one helps you out of the water.The guys on the boat serviced all our scuba tanks so all we had to do was to turn on our air and safety checks, so easy.The food was very good, tasty and hot. (Better than some taverners/ restaurants we visited. All drinks were free and plentiful food was available throughout the day.The toilets/ shower rooms very clean so my wife was happy again.The room I shared was comfortable and warm, plenty of room for two.My only small problem was at the dive centre dock waiting room they had a price list of items to sell. Tee shirt 300thb ect, but when I returned I wanted to purchase one, to be told they don’t sell these items. Only on the boat. My fault I should have asked on board. But how many other people have done the same. Maybe someone on the boat should say that you can buy these on here. Or advertise them on the boat.So I would highly recommend this trip amazing experience well organised throughout .I will recommend to all my friendsThank-you very much for the great memories and lovely adventureWayne & Louise Hubbard

When we get letters, e-mails,  reviews on trip advisor, comments on Facebook, Twitter and the rest like the one above from Louise and Wayne we know we are doing things right. We know that here at Thailand Divers that by listening to the people who come to phuket scuba diving and trust us to organize their day trips phuket trip for them, whether a day trip, Discover Scuba Diving phuket for the total novice, divers and snorkelers together for the day or for a similan islands liveaboard and of course people who want to get their PADI license or next level certification, that we can and are providing the best service. Here at Thailand Divers we know that by listening to both customers and instructors alike how we can get better. That is how Thailand Divers has been doing so well over the last 13 years when so many other  dive centers have come and gone.  So before you book your dive trip just take a quick look at what real people think and all the options that each place has to offer. Have a talk with us on live chat to answers any other questions that you may have. So just see what other people are saying about diving phuket. See what they were doing on their trip and see if thats what you like.

The other thing that makes a top phuket dive shop is that it will cater for groups when some people dive and other dont. Thailand Divers offers great phuket tours for the non divers too.  There is a large selection of  Phuket islands to visit for either just sightseeing or if you are looking for phuket snorkeling trips. 

Then we have some great phuket tours that are land based too. A great place for all nature lovers is a couple of days doing a phuket safari. Just north of phuket Thailand is the Khao Sok national park and this is a great place for nature photographers or for a day or two just to have a break from the crowded beaches. The Khao Sok discovery tour can be a nice overnight jungle safari spending the night in a comfortable bungalow in the jungle. 

This includes a jungle elephant trekking, canoeing, night trekking and swimming in cool waterfall pools. Or a 2 day 1 night lake safari which includes and elephant trekking, bamboo raft safari and exploring the lake system by longtail boat. This really is one of the best things to do in Phuket.

On all tours you are well care for as you are always collected from your phuket hotel and guest house phuket in the morning and returned in time for dinner in the evening.  Then the phuket game fishing trips are something special. From tuna, black marlin, sail fish, barracuda dorado and many more just off shore makes the game fishing phuket has something special. then if you have a good phuket guest house or patong beach hotel there is a good chance they will cook the tuna you catch for you that evening. Normally a good idea to give one to them or the chef as then they can sell it or eat it themselves as a thank you. 

With all this plus so much more available everyday makes phuket Thailand an exceptional holiday destination for all.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Greatest Phuket Holiday Experience Availaible With Thailand Divers

Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand

       Yes Thailand Divers in Phuket  has had a very busy time making big changes. Thailand Divers is now the number 1 center for your holiday to Phuket. For many years we and been the premier center for diving in Thailand but we have expanded greatly. We still go to the best islands in Thailand plus so much more.

 We still cover the best and most popular sites like Phi Phi, King Cruiser, Shark Point, Racha Noi and Racha Yai as three dive day trips. We are still running liveaboards to the Similan islands departing EVERY day from 15th October till the 15th May so you dont need to plan your holiday around your similan islands liveabaord dates but you can plan your trip to the similans to fit your holiday. The trip can be overnight, 2 nights, 3 nights or as many nights as you choose. Instead of the boat returning after each trip we keep the boat out there and just bring you out by speed boat to the main liveaboard boat on the first morning and bring you back on the afternoon of the day you want to return. We can even do day trips this way. Then we have other trips that depart to the similan islands in the late afternoon. This gives you an extra night on the boat. Settle in to the cabin, set up the equipment then relax with a sunset dinner as you head out to the start of you similan island adventure. 

The Similan islands Thailand offers with no doubt some of the best diving in the world. Crystal clear water even down at 40 meters with the water around 80 degrees all season long. This makes the similan islands diving such a great experience.  A typical trip will take in not only the similan islands but also heading north to the Surin islands and if you wish then up in to Burma to dive the Burma banks too. 

There are so many things to do in phuket now that dont just include diving in phuket. We offer so much more. Great Phuket snorkel tours to locations away from the crowds too as well as the more popular ones. Phi Phi Bamboo island as always, the three Khai islands, Hong island, Chicken island, Krabi, similan islands, Koh Tachai. Stunning reefs and beaches to explore, tropical island hoping in an island paradise away from the masses. Phuket snorkeling is as good as its diving.  There are so many great places to snorkel around the Phuket islands that you will be spoiled for choice.  

Now the big new thing is all the Phuket tours available from phuket game fishing tours that come in several packages. From standard day trips that get you trolling for Tuna, hand lines for bottom fishing plus snorkeling too. Then for the people who want the really big stuff we have some of the best game fishing phuket has is just past the phuket diving and snorkel locations where there is a deep shelf that attracts the Black Marlin, dog tooth tuna, Sail fish and the like.  Then we have night fishing trips too that are a bit of fun where squid is the main catch. 

 Take one of the many phuket day trips available. How about a phuket safari into the heart of Phuket and canoe in the mangroves,  jeep up into the mountains, elephant trek through the jungle, Ox cart ride to a traditional Thai village and a rice farm, rubber tree tapping and Thai cooking.  White water rafting in the mountains,  Sea canoeing in the limestone caves in Phang Nga national park, ATV tours,  and of course the 2 most popular as always James Bond island and Phi Phi Bambo island.

Then new for this year we are not only doing overnight safaris that involve diving phuket but we now have are offering an over night or 2 night Khao Sok safari trip. This is a great way to get off the Thailand islands and onto the mainland which is just a short ride from phuket. Here we can explore the Khao Sok national park. The Khao sok discovery trip can be an over night trip to explore the jungle by Elephant, canoe and on foot spending the night in a jungle bungalow. Or there is a top 2 day safari that explores the massive lake system by elephant, bamboo raft and long tail boats.

 These are great for nature lovers, photographers and people who want to get away from the beaches. Then there is the three day 2 night that combines the jungle and lake safari. This one involves a night in the jungles and a night on a raft bungalow on the lake itself. this is a truly stunning setting. 

If you really want some peace and quite  many of the tours are available now as private charters. This way you make the plan, you set the start time and return times. You can avoid the crowds and go to your own private beach. We even have a super yacht for charter for that really special day or overnight.  You will be the envy of all turning up

Thailand Divers really is a one stop holiday planner right up to the hotel too. The new shop is located just 5 mins from the center of Patong but the street itself (Nanai Road) is quiet enough with excellent resturants, bars to relax in after a great day out. The shop itself is located in what used to be the resturant of a very nice hotel called the Album Loft. Very comfortable and some rooms with their own kitchens, nice pool to cool off in. Not only is Thailand Divers the top phuket dive center but could soon be the top holiday center too.
With all these tours available we still run them all all in the same way.

 We collect you from your phuket hotel or guest house phuket and take you to which ever location or tour you like and then return you to the hotel door in the afternoon in time for dinner.  Plus we not have gathered a collection of phuket guest houses and patong beach hotels that have been very popular with our customers. all great prices and very good service. All in quiet location that are missed by the masses but all only a few minutes from the main attractions. They are just tucked away from view offering a perfect oasis of calm under a warm tropical sun. 

The new shop still has the same instructors and is still English owned and managed as it always has been. We still offer the best diving in phuket, the best boats. We just thought that this low season that we can offer more than just diving. We can bring the same level of service to so many more things as well. So now when you come to phuket thailand you can really get a taste for the whole of Thailand rather than just phuket scuba diving. Thailand Divers now is one stop shop for all your holiday fun on phuket thailand.