Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 13 November

Trip date: 13 November 

Trip location: Racha yai island Bungalow Bay,Bay 1 Siam Bay 

Number of divers: 17

Number of snorkelers:

Water temperature: 30 degrees Celsius 

Underwater visibility:  10-12 meters

Weather conditions: hot sunny 

Surface conditions: waves

Dive details and points of interest:

 Phi phi got canceled today sadly because of the waves this morning but we still braved on and had a great day at racha yai instead. At Bungalow Bay we seen moray eels,lion fish clown fish  blue spotted rays and bearded scorpionfish,at Bay 1 their were bat fish on the wreck cow fish and box fish and at Siam Bay their was anemone crabs and pipefish. Thanks to all who came today for making it so much fun and I hope to be back out to Phi Phi on thursday.

Customers who have passed a diving course.

Congratulations to Yuan Fei and Muhammed Abdullah for passing their advanced open water course with Gerald

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