Friday, June 26, 2015

Phuket Scuba Diving Private Charter Live Aboards

phuket scuba diving, Private Live Aboards.


There are several ways to enjoy the stunning diving in phuket. There are a good selection of companies that offer live aboards to the similan islands.  The similan islands are just off the West coast of phuket 
thailand and are very popular. They are a great place to see the largest fish in the oceans the Whale Shark and of course the Manta Ray. Being a marine national park there is a huge variety of marine life. Black and White tip reef sharks and Hawks bill Turtles are a plenty.  However if you want to get away from the regular tours and set your own program then why not get a private charter. 

The boat on offer here comes with a first class chef so you can set your own meal times, the captain can take to to the places you (and your dive master) decide on to avoid the other tours. You can plan to arrive at the better sites before the regular live a boards arrive improving dramatically your chances of diving with the Whale Sharks and manta Rays.
Onboard are the Captian, crew, chef and hostess who are there to take care of you and serve your drinks and the sun deck between dives or cocktails at sunset. The crew are there to assist you with dive gear, entering and exiting the water. Running you to the isolated beaches in the inflatable between dives. 

   The most common trip to the Similan islands is 3 day and 2 night trip however longer trips are available on request.Not only can you you use this boat to get to see the Similan islands in complete style and be the envy of everyone. The boat is also available for overnight trips to Phi Phi island too.

Dive the famous Phi Phi and bamboo island thailand

The boat is also a great way for that special day trip to discover the stunning diving and snorkeling around phuket thailand.  
For more information booking details or any other requirements or planned trips please contact either or

When in phuket scuba diving you will get the most perfect settings on Earth

The isolated beaches of the similan islands

scuba diving in phuket is a trip you will never forget

If you are going to phuket scuba diving and want the best of the best then you really need to check this out. This is for that very special occasion.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

When You Know That You Really Are a Scuba Diving Instructor

When You Know That You Really Are a Phuket Scuba Diving Instructor.

This can be your office as an instructor on phuket thailand

diving in phuket is a great place for all courses

 phuket scuba diving at its best

This is phuket scuba diving

After several years of planning you have finally packed your bags and traveled 10,000 miles to the other side of the world to phuket thailand.

   You have completed your instructor development course. You have passed your instructor exam, got over the hangover from the I.D.C. party and got you visa and work permit. You are now one of those people living the dream and diving phuket is your dream job..  You are phuket scuba diving instructor. Or are you?

Whale shark in the similan islands
Manta Rays in the similan islands

When you think back to your days doing your Open Water Course or Advanced course and you are listening to your instructor and all the others talking to each other and all the words and phrases they are using and it sounds like another language. They are all tanned and seem to never have any issues at all on the boats, in the water even after a very late night. The food they eat and the fact they seem to know every single marine creature on the planet along with every dive site known to man.


Amazing scenes when in phuket scuba diving
Monkey beach, bamboo island thailand

Then one day as you finally have a day off at the end of your first high season you take a look in the mirror and you jaw drops. This is you..... 


Leopard shark phuket scuba diving

You realize its not always a dream job, though most of the time it is.


You can work 14 hours a day and may be no day off for three months.


When the water gets to 26 degrees you think its freezing.

You have as your office the best islands in thailand. 

You learn to accept stupid questions. Yes the sea is salty.


You are now blonde as your hair has been bleached in the sun.


Rice, fish, soup and chilli are normal breakfasts.


You now are talking in short hand. SMB, BCD, SPG, DSD and a CESA is not just a salad.


"Bangok Women Really Are Fella's" has two meanings and one can save your life. 


Dive instructors do have ear problems too bit they learn to adapt the dive to get round it.


People who are good "swimmers" may mean they have once been in the water and did not drown.


Snorkel test after d/m course diving in phuket

You know after a snorkel test you may need a day off the next day.


People tell you that you should come back to the real world. But you point out how boring their holidays will be without people like you. How simple your life is compared to theirs.


The working week and weekends no longer exist. Everyday is better than most peoples weekend.

 Learn to dive in phuket was once your dream and now you are the one making the dreams come true for others. Many people have the dream to learn to scuba dive phuket.

Not everyday is perfect in phuket thailand
Clear waters of phuket scuba diving

Not everyday is flat sea and blue sky, well ok most are. 


I can now talk under water and be understood.

  Sharks are friends not threats


You have signed your name more times than the biggest movie star. 


Sonkran in phuket thailand
relax on empty beaches in phuket thailand

You can live on less money a month than you did per day back home. Then here you are working everyday and you dont need to spend money.


Your life is Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

There are so many things to do in phuket you can never get bored. may be dive the famous james bond island too or spend weeks on end in the similans

You dont have forty meters viz everyday. Sometimes it drops to twenty and your customers still love it as its better than the 2 meters they get in their gravel pit back home.
The stunning Similans Islands

Living on a boat for a month with two t-shirts and a pair of shorts does not mean you are lost at sea but living a dream as you are on a live aboard in the similan islands.


You know all the girls (or guys) by name in all the bars.


Now after all of this ask yourself. Who lives in the real world?  Is there a free rehab center for people like me to to help us if we ever need to go back to a big city and wear shoes and watches again.?      


     Now if you still are unaware of whats involved living in phuket thailand. Take a look at the typical office of phuket scuba diving instructor then look out of the window. Who lives in the real world?? If my world looks good then give me call.  We have plenty of office space if you want to move in.

So come to thailand and discover scuba diving phuket will take your breath away.

This stunning office is open for all instructors in phuket thailand



Monday, June 15, 2015

Never Fall in Love with a Phuket Scuba Diving instructor

What you expect when phuket scuba diving
Never Fall in Love with a Phuket Scuba diving instructor. 

This is diving in phuket
For many people when they Arrive in the Sunny Tropical Island of Phuket Thailand the Rest of the World ceases to exist. I guess this can be said of many truly great holiday destinations. Sun, sea, blue sky and everyone is relaxed and happy. Everyday is perfect but so far from the real lives of everyone who visit that anyone who is living the dream is almost certain not to own a pair of shoes, suit or tie and may be not even a pair of long trousers. Smart dress means cotton cargo shorts instead of board shorts and t-shirt instead of singlet or if really smart a polo shirt. 

However if when you are on holiday the inevitable happens this video will tell you all.

Now you see what you are up against. There are three options.

phuket scuba diving has so much too offer
phuket scuba diving is awesome.
1. Take one look at what you have to compete with and give up.

2. Take up diving in Phuket.  Do your Open Water and  may be Advanced courses. Then keep diving till your Holiday Ends  Go home knowing "your" instructor is still diving in Phuket  and everyday life in whatever your city you are in may as well be on another planet and in no way can mean anything to anyone when they are in Phuket Scuba diving everyday.

phuket thailand is stunning
diving in phuket can not compare to anything else.
3. Take up Scuba diving in Phuket. Go home, sell your house, car and everything. Get the first flight back to Phuket Thailand and join the real world in Phuket Scuba diving and become an instructor. Throw away all your suits, shoes. and spend your days on the beach in shorts and flip flops too.

Come and join the dream and see what you are missing at one of the best dive centers on the island paradise of Phuket.
What to expect everyday to accompany your evening meal or cool drink after work when in phuket scuba diving.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Diving During Monsoon Season in Phuket

Phuket Scuba Diving During Monsoon season.

What can I expect on a Monsoonal day?

       Scuba diving in phuket during monsoon season can be a great time of year to visit phuket thailand. Phuket is positioned about half way down the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman ocean. Thailand has a northern and southern monsoon. Phuket being central can get either northern or southern monsoon, both or neither. Phuket this time of year can have warm sunny days and mainly short sharp showers  at night. During the day can produce again heavy showers that last 20 minutes or so then dry up in 15 minutes as well. During Monsoon season the weather and winds come from the west, right across the Indian Ocean and can produce good surf all along the west coast resorts such as Patong, Karon and Kata beaches.

What is Monsoon?

The word monsoon literally means ‘season’ in Arabic. Traders travelling the waters off the Arabian and Indian coast noted for centuries that dry, cool, northeast winds blew for 6 months and then suddenly changed to warm, moist air from the southeast. So in a nutshell, the monsoon weather is a change in the type and direction of winds (and therefore swell) that brings moist air.

When and How Does it work?

Between April to September, the wind blows from the southeast as the land mass of India, the Himalayas and beyond heats up relative to the ocean. This causes moist warm air from the Indian ocean to rush into the gap as the warmer air rises. This is the moist ‘maritime’ air that brings the monsoonal rains. Between October and March, this phenomenon is reversed, as the temperature of the Indian Ocean is warmer relative to the land. This pulls dry, cool ‘continental’ winds to Phuket Thailand. This is often called the ‘dry’ or ‘high’ season.
 What does it mean for phuket scuba diving? 
During monsoon season in Phuket is really mid May till mid October. This time of year is not bad for scuba diving in phuket. The weather is better in monsoon season than it is in many countries on a good day. As far as the ocean goes we can have flat seas on good days and up to three meter waves on the really bad days. As an average the waves are 75cms to 1 meter high. This does not really effect the dive boats here as they are mostly large sturdy boats built for diving in these conditions. The main difference is the direction of the wind, weather and swell. All the locations are useable all year round. The only exceptions are King Cruiser, Shark point and Anemone reef. Although very rare these sites can be canceled in extreme conditions as they are situated out in the middle of the ocean with no protection. 
The diving is fine but if the waves become too big it can become too risky getting back on the boats after a dive. Both Phi Phi and Racha Noi and Yai are good all year as they both offer sheltered bays on both the East and West side of the islands. This means calm flat water all year. The trip out and back to Phi Phi can be longer if there is strong wind or big waves as the boats run with the wind and waves on the way out and against on the way back. The trips to the racha Islands is ok too as there is protection from the waves for most of the way from Phuket and Coral island. Then from Racha Yai. However from Coral island to Racha Yai can be a bit exposed as can from Racha Yai to Noi. This however is only in the worst conditions and most days are great conditions. You can expect an odd shower at anytime during monsoon season but then again the clouds do tend to hang around the mountians on Phuket and the days on the sea tend to be nice. During this time of year the weather will change from day to day, week to week. Just ask in the office to check the conditions on the days you wish to dive and you can pick the locations depending on the weather. 
The best things about Monsoon season.
The best thing about scuba diving in phuket during this time of year is the cheap hotel prices and there are less people on the dive boats. The dive sites are less crowded and the fish are less spooked. The visability is normally very good too unless a big storm has just passed by. There can be a bit more wind or an odd shower and remember even if its cloudy and raining on phuket there is a good chance of sun out on the ocean. Phuket scuba diving is great all year round. In a two week holiday you can get a bit of everything. From one extreme to another. One day can be a typical monsoon day and the next a typical tropical island paradise style weather. This time of year is awesome and does create the most stunning sunsets. Truly worth a visit.