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The Ultimate Similan Liveaboard or Phuket Day Trip for That Very Special Occasion.

The ultimate Similan islands trip and the best way to go Phuket diving for that very special day is a private super yacht charter. Perfect for a day trip for divers, non divers or just cruising the tropical islands in complete style.

There are several ways to enjoy the stunning diving in Thailand. There are a good selection of companies that offer live aboards to the Similans.  The similan islands are just off the West coast of Phuket Thailand and are very popular. They are a great place to see the largest fish in the oceans the Whale Shark and of course the Manta Ray. Being a marine national park there is a huge variety of marine life. Black and White tip reef sharks and Hawks bill Turtles are a plenty.  However if you want to get away from the regular tours and set your own program then why not get a private charter. Experience Similan diving at its best.

The boat on offer here comes with a first class chef so you can set your own meal times, the captain can take to to the places you (and your dive master) decide on to avoid the other tours. You can plan to arrive at the better sites before the regular liveaboards arrive improving dramatically your chances of diving with the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

Onboard are the Captain, crew, chef and hostess who are there to take care of you and serve your drinks and the sun deck between dives or cocktails at sunset. 

The crew are there to assist you with dive gear, entering and exiting the water. Running you to the isolated beaches in the inflatable between dives. This really is the ultimate Similan liveaboard.

   The most common trip to the Similan islands is 3 day and 2 night trip however longer trips are available on request.Not only can you you use this boat to get to see the Similan islands and the Surin islands in complete style and be the envy of everyone. The boat is also available for overnight trips to Phi Phi island too.

Dive the famous Phi Phi Bamboo islands

The boat is also a great way for that special day trip to James Bond island or to discover scuba diving Phuket and the stunning diving and snorkeling around phuket thailand.  
For more information booking details or any other requirements or planned trips please contact either or

The isolated beaches of the similan islands

If you are going to Thailand diving and want the best of the best then you really need to check this out. There is really one one way to dive Phuket or the Similan islands and this is it.  This is for that very special occasion.

When in scuba diving diving Phuket you will get the most perfect settings on Earth. The Similan islands.

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Thailand Divers in the Similan Islands

Thailand Divers in the Similan Islands

Thailand Divers in the Similan islands.

This week in phuket scuba diving is in the Similans with Thailand Divers and it has been amazing. This week at the Similan islands has been perfect. Blue sky, warm water, cool breeze, and so much varied sea life. Scuba diving phuket has it all. This was the best weeks diving in many a year.

From the warm clear waters of the Similan Islands that produce perfect visability and minimal currents make it a perfect location for divers of all levels. The diving here is so relaxed that no matter where you go after then nothing will compare. Shallow reefs with turtles drifting past, reef sharks up and down, sea horses and sea moths for the macro lovers to the huge Napoleon Wrasse there is something for all on every dive.

Then heading north to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and a day diving Richelieu rock. Here the water is always warm and although you can get current from time to time its still just easy drift diving. This is the home of the big fish like the Whale shark and the massive Oceanic Manta Ray.

For those of you who dive you can never be disapointed when diving phuket and the similan islands. From newly certified Open water diver to the most experienced. Jumping on a  similan liveaboard to the similan island national park and the Surin islands will be a trip you will never forget. This is Phuket diving at its best and is really one of the top locations in the world as there is more than enough to please everyone. Even if you have never been before  scuba diving Phuket, there is no better place to experience the underwater world. When diving in phuket scuba diving is a must. The best thing is the cost. Amazing boats, amazing food, world class diving and cheaper than a week staying at home. Thanks to Thailand divers (and others) phuket scuba diving and diving in the Similan islands is in easy reach of even the smallest budget.

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The Similan islands. The Best islands in Thailand

Welcome to the Similan Islands, one place in the world you do not want to miss either as a scuba diver or a snorkeler. They are by far the best islands in Thailand.  National Geographic placed the Similans as "One of the Top Ten Destinations to Visit in the World.” This idyllic chain of nine islands not only the best islands in Thailand but also the world when it comes to scuba diving.

The Similan islands is one of the top destinations in the world the it comes to scuba diving in Phuket. On these Similan island liveaboards you can get your PADI Open Water license while diving in the best islands in Thailand and that means the world. This is done by arriving one day early or before 9am on the day of departure. Then you have time to complete the classroom session of the Open water course in the morning and then in the afternoon do all the pool training before boarding the live aboard in the evening. This can be done on a three day Similan liveaboard. The three day is more than enough to complete both the Open Water and Advanced courses if you so wish and on the four of five day trips are so you can enjoy a longer trip after the training. You can get certified or continue your education and become an advanced diver, rescue diver or complete any number of PADI speciality courses on these trips in the Similan islands. The only PADI courses that can not be done in the Similans are the Discover Scuba diving and the Scuba Diver course. These can be done from Phuket Thailand  all year round anyway.  This is because they are not certifications / licenses and being certified is whats needed to do a live aboard in the Similan island national park. This is a good thing as it protects the fragile environment that makes for some of the best diving in the world. Also the best place to learn to dive in Phuket.

This is by far the best way to get the most out of any Similan islands diving trip as it means that you never have to waste time traveling back and forth from your hotel. This way you can take your hotel with you. You can relax in your air conditioned cabin between dives or up on the sun deck to top up the tan. After diving you can be showered and home showered and changed in a couple of minutes rather than a couple of hours. Then of course we have time for 4 dives per day instead of 3. The boats these days all have great chefs onboard and there is an endless supply of top food and you don't even have to leave the hotel and its all included in the price. The Similan diving trip is one place in the world you do not want to miss as a scuba diver. National Geographic placed the Similan Islands as "One of the Top Ten Destinations to Visit in the World”. 

These amazing uninhabited islands are located off the West coast of  Thailand  Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The Similan Islands  liveaboard have something for everyone at every age and ability. Shallow tropical coral reefs, soaring pinnacles, massive coral gardens and of course a breeding ground for the Hawksbill turtle. You will be amazed by the diversity of the underwater world that the Similans have to offer.  Think about scuba diving or snorkeling in the Similans when planing what to do in Phuket as you will regret it if you dont. 

The Similan island national park is not only the jewel in the Andaman ocean but a jewel in the oceans of the blue planet we call earth. This is the best location for scuba diving Thailand has to offer and thus some of the best in the world. These islands lie 65 kilometers off the west coast of Thailand. This is just 85 km north west of the tourist hub of Phuket. This island chain consist of nine islands in the Similan  islands archipelago which are just pin pricks in any map but with such stunning beauty that it will leave you wanting to return year after year.

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The Amazing Underwater World of Phuket Thailand.

The Amazing Underwater World of Phuket Thailand.

 Just a short boat ride off shore, there are some stunning underwater places to explore in Thailand Phuket. It is the main gateway to the underwater sights that rank up there with the best in the world and depending how much time you want to spend underwater, there are several ways to explore it. Just pop in to any good dive shop Phuket has a few long standing ones and several that pop up and vanish in a couple of years. Choose one with a good 10 years behind it. A good Phuket dive center will have a far better idea on what will suit you best rather than just try to sell you what they are doing.

One day free for Phuket scuba diving?

          With as little as one day up your sleeve, you can enjoy three different sites – a huge wall dive,  a wreck, and a reef – and still be back for happy hour. Several boats leave daily from Chalong Bay, and take in three dive sites with the furthest just a couple of hours  cruising. It is cruising as the dive boats here are large and very comfortable. They have chefs on board, sun decks, three or more showers plus more deck showers to rinse off after the dive. Power points to charge cameras, shaded eating areas and large saloon.

 The good thing about the diving Phuket has to offer is that its is close by. The closest is Koh Dok Mai or Flower Island provides a home to many sea creatures.which is also the most characteristic of the region, being a limestone pinnacle that rises steeply from the ocean floor. Underwater it presents as a wall with vertical gutters and crevices and even some caves, home to all sorts of cryptic crevice dwellers. This is normally the last dive of the day as its done on the way back to Phuket.

         The first dive of the day, the wreck King Cruiser is on a sunken car transporter ferry, which is so big you won’t get to see all of it on the one dive. The ferry sank in 1997 after hitting Anemone Reef. The boat is sitting with the top around 17 meters and the bottom at 32m. The wreck is approx 90m long, 30m wide and 15 high.

    And the reef, called Anemone Reef, for good reason guarantees you some of the cutest Clown fish around.  This is also a good location for Tigertail Seahorses which live on the huge sea fans. There are also a good chance to see Leopard Sharks here too around the base of the reef.

Over the course of the day in phuket scuba diving you could see anything from seahorses to scorpion fish, barracuda to banded coral shrimp, stone fish, sea snakes, many nudibranchs, Ghost pipe fish, painted spiny lobsters, frog fish, Blue spotted sting rays and if lucky the largest fish in the ocean The Whale Shark.

These day boats have all the dive gear you need on board. As well as showers, they provide and serve you  a cooked breakfast, large hot buffet lunch and afternoon tea, plus tea, coffee, drinking water. other soft drinks are available at a very small cost as is ice cold beer for the way back.  So all you really need for the day is your dive card, sunscreen and swimmers.

Check out these other Thailand beauty spots:

Three Days’ Diving

If you have three days spare for diving in phuket you will be able to cover the three main day trip locations from Phuket.

Experience Phuket diving at its best at Koh Phi Phi  The terrain here is also limestone pinnacles made famous by the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The range of diving is immense, from easy snorkelling in Lana Bay on the north-western tip of Koh Phi Phi, to Bida Nok, which offers a most dramatic marine topography: caves, swim throughs, drop-offs and overhangs.

Keep an eye out for white-collared butterfly fish as well as the many Black tip reef sharks (totally harmless) and Hawks Bill Turtles.

 All around Phi Phi Ley are steep walls and coral with an amazing number and diversity of nudibranchs, as well as the usual colourful reef fish like butterflyfish, coralfish and parrotfish.

Phi Phi can also be done during low season (May - Sept) on an overnight live a board which includes a great night dive.

More than three days,

       If you have three days or more available, you’d be crazy not to book a similan  liveaboard trip and head out to the similan islands and Surin Islands National Parks – about 1.5 hours from Phuket by speed boat or 3 hours cruising on the dive boat.(which is usually done while you sleep). Here you will be spoilt with some of the best diving in the region and the world if you include Koh Tachai and a day diving Richelieu Rock.



The similans are so diverse and without the best diving in Thailand.. Here are massive granite boulders, stacked up long ago by some giant god of the sea, to create a playground for fish and divers alike. Mixed in with white sandy bays and shallow reefs teeming with life. Throw in a turtle breeding ground for good measure. Diving in this area you may be lucky enough to see manta rays cruising through, but you’ll certainly find turtles, and some of the biggest giant morays I have ever seen. Mix in the powder-blue surgeons, white collar butterflies and black tail angels and you’re in for a visual feast.

The pinnacle, literally, of the trip will be when diving Richelieu Rock, a rock so famous it even has its own website. A large, horseshoe-shaped rock, completely submerged, Richelieu is home to everything from the smallest ghost pipefish to hordes of batfish, schools of swirling snapper,  giant cuttlefish and of course the giant Oceanic Manta ray and Whale Shark.

 Even three dives on the rock won’t be enough: you’ll be planning your next trip on the way home.

For more information on diving in Thailand visit Thailand Divers

The  Similan liveaboard trips have several great options from a one night trip to 10 days or more. The choice is yours. The trips can depart everyday from 15th October till mid May so you can fit the trip to your holiday and not your holiday to fit the trip. The 5 day 4 night trips will get you a full round trip. There is a choice of boats from to be honest very nice  boats and accomadation low cost trips to total luxuary. 5* chefs, state rooms and private charter super yachts. When in phuket scuba diving is a must. You will not find a better place for your first ever experience or if its your 10,000th dive. phuket thailand has stunning sights both above and below the water.

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The Best New Year in The Similans Ever

The Best New Year in The Similans Ever

For those of you looking for a new year in the Similan islands you better be quick. what will all the trouble in the middle east all the Red sea divers are heading to Phuket Thailand. Most of the boats are now booked with just a few spaces left for the New Year period.  The Similan island liveaboard is one of the most sort after location to spend New Year. The clear waters, stunning sunsets and the best diving in the world makes this one of the most romantic locations there is. The similans are a place that unless you think about well in advance then you may as well book for the following year so as to not miss out again. This applies to Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year too.  To get the key dates then you need to be booking up 5-6 month in advance.

Dont get me wrong you will never be stuck for what to do in Phuket as there is always lots to do.  The local diving is excellent but still as scuba diving Thailand is some of the best there is anywhere.  Phuket is very close to the similans and as they are considered the best islands in Thailand Phuket is not far short. What with all the great dives sites in the Gulf of Thailand as well as the Andaman ocean makes Phuket diving a real treat.

For those wanting the best islands in Thailand then as said before you ned to be looking at the Similan island liveabaords or a longer cruise to the Surin islands as well. Please do ont leave it too late to miss out on a trip of a lifetime as a Similan liveaboard is a trip you will remember always.

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Diving in The Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock

Diving the Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock

The Surin Islands archipelago is situated in the picturesque Thai province of Phang Nga. They are about 60km away from the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman ocean and north of the Similan Islands. The busy tourist destination of Phuket is 160 km south. The boundary of the Surin marine park lies just south of the Burmese (Myanmar) border. Koh Surin embarkation point - Khuraburi or as many people get their on their Similan islands  liveaboards from the Phuket Thailand and then head north into the Surin islands from there. However if you want to go direct ly to the Surin islands then the closest town is Khuraburi - a traditional coastal location with a busy port, a great market and a laid back attitude. Khuraburi is only just beginning its journey as a tourist destination with only a few small resorts and scruffy travel agencies. This only adds to its charm.

By bus: The government buses run from both Krabi and Phuket to Khuraburi from the respective government bus stations. There are two direct buses a day from Krabi. These are the 8 am and 12 pm services to Ranong. The journey takes 4 hours and the price is around 250 Bt. It is also possible to leave at other times of the day but this will require a change of bus at Phang Nga. These busses are not currently available to book in advance. There are many more services from Thailand Phuket and as Khuraburi is on the main route from Phuket to Bangkok. As such, you can turn up at Phuket government bus station at any time before 6pm to find a bus leaving within the hour. The journey time is 3 hours and the ticket price around 200 Bt. These busses are not currently available to book in advance. But the best way to get there is on a Similan liveaboard.

The Surin islands again are a mecca for all Phuket scuba diving as like the similan islands offer crystal clear waters and amazing underwater life. The Surin islands are known for the dive site known as Richelieu Rock. This is a massive collection of pinnacles arranged in a horseshoe formation. This was discovered (or introduced to the diving world) by Jaques Cousteau who listed it in his top dive locations on the globe. This alone with National Geographic putting this area in its top ten as well makes this one of the top unspoiled locations in the world. This is Phuket diving at its best.  Richelieu Rock gets its name from ( so the story goes) that the purple coral that covers the pinnacles reminded Jaques Cousteau or Cardinal Richelieu's cape. Either way its a stunning location.

Why the Surin Islands are such an exclusive diving location. Due to its remote location, the Surin Islands National Park has remained free of the pressures of tourist development from the mainland. Since the creation of the park in the 80's, the Surin Islands have been protected from overfishing and mass tourism promoting a rich marine diversity and an excellent reef conditions. The tsunami has had limited impacts on the ecosystem, healthy reefs have recovered and most of the sites exhibit few hundred years old coral colonies. The best way to get to dive here is on the Similan island live aboard dive boats. The Surin islands are normally combined with the Similan islands which lie to the south. These are normally four or five days as a couple are spent in the Similans and one whole day diving Richelieu Rock. It is possible to do a three day trip to the big fish hot spots of Koh Bon, Richelieu Rock and the Surin islands with out the Similan islands for those divers who are looking for the " Big Stuff" for which this part of the ocean is known for.

Pelagic species in the Surin Islands. These idealistic conditions make the Surin a haven of peace large schools of reef fish and for ocean giants such as whale sharks and manta rays or napoleon which can be observed flying majestically in the blue. Koh Surin is also frequented by sea turtles which are often spotted and come to lay down their eggs on the white sandy beaches framing the islands. There are many interesting snorkeling spots around the Surin Islands. The eastern coast exhibits the best corals within the archipelago. Protected from the main winds and currents, dotted with shallow and sheltered bays, it is the perfect location to explore safely the beauty of Surin.

These trips take you on an adventure that takes you diving not only in the similan islands but also Koh Bon and a whole day of awesome diving Richelieu Rock. Richelieu Rock is a collection of pinnacles that form a crescent just north of the Surin islands. This site is worth several dives as its far to big to be done in one or even 2 dives. Stunning corals, unlimited macro and of course the giant Oceanic Manta Ray and the largest fish in the sea, the Whale Shark are both common sights here. These trips are the best diving in Thailand.  These trip are what dreams are made of. 

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The Amazing Similan Islands And The Best Diving in Thailand.

The Amazing Similan Islands and the Best Diving in Thailand

The Similan Islands are not only the jewel in the Andaman ocean but a jewel in the oceans of the blue planet we call earth. These islands lie 65 kilometers off the west coast of Thailand. This is just 85 km north west of the tourist hub of Phuket Thailand. This island chain consist of nine islands in the Similan archipelago which are just pin pricks in any map but with such stunning beauty that it will leave you wanting to return year after year. The Similan island national park consists of the nine islands plus two more islands that stand alone to the north of the main group. The eleven islands are Koh Bangu, Koh Bon, Koh Ha, Koh Hin Pousar, Koh Huyong, Koh Meang, Koh Payan, Koh Payang, Koh Payu and Koh Similan. In total they cover 140 square kilometers with the largest being Koh Similan. Koh being the Thai word for island. 

These are by far the best islands in Thailand. The Similans themselves are on the whole uninhabited with a few tents and cabins available for an overnight stay during the season. The low lying islands are covered in a mix of thick jungle, white sandy beaches and large boulders. Ironwood and gum trees are among the larger trees, while jackfruit, rattan and bamboo form part of the denser undergrowth. The islands are home to crab-eating monkeys, dusky langurs, squirrels, bats, lizards and a good variety of birds (though the monkeys are shy and rarely seen by the casual observer).

But the most striking feature of these islands, at first glance, are the huge boulders that litter the western and southern shores on several of the islands. Another highlight, as the visitor soon discovers, are the white coral-sand beaches, splendidly picturesque and often deserted. So if you are ever stuck for what to do in Phuket then a trip to the Similans islands is a must.

All eleven islands are surrounded by crystal blue tropical bays and lagoons. The clear warm water makes these islands a snorkeling and scuba diving dream. The conditions for coral growth are ideal, with a minimum prevailing sea temperature of about 28oC and exceptionally clear waters. More than 200 species of hard coral alone have so far been identified in this area, while these islands have the greatest profusion of reef fish in Thai waters. These are not only the best islands in Thailand but in the world.

For scuba diving then by far the best way is to join one of the Similan island Liveaboard boats that tour these islands during the season which runs from 15th October till the 15th of May each year. This way you can travel from island to island diving as you go and still being able to stay in a comfortable air conditioned cabin with en-suit toilet and showers. The Similan liveaboard boats these days are a far cry for what many think of or experienced years ago. The boats in the Similans are all trying to be better than the others. This means that all the boats now have great chefs turning out better food on these dive boats than many smaller hotels and guest houses. Some boats are turning out four meals a day with snacks in-between. They all have almost unlimited supply of soft drinks all well chilled and of course when on a boat cruising in the tropics a nice sun deck too.

To join these trips is very simple as there are many Phuket dive centers that have gathered in this ideal location and there are trip leaving every day from Phuket Thailand. The best way to join these trips is to look for a well establish dive center with many years experience on the island as they will offer you several options both in length and quality of boat for you to choose from. The average price of a good mid range trip is fifteen to twenty thousand Thai baht for a three day cruise. This price will normally include the transfers from your hotel in Phuket, all your dive equipment and being a national park there is an entrance fee too. These are normally all included but do check these things when booking to avoid any unexpected fees. Some dive centers do offer "cheap trips" but then they add on all the extras so be aware of this and try to book a trip where everything is included as this will rule out any issues later.

The Similan islands liveaboards which are two or three day trips which take you to the eleven islands in the Similan national park including Koh Bon. The nine islands in the Similans islands are known for their clear waters with 40 meter or more viability being the norm rather than the exception. Here you will find both Black and white tip reef sharks, Hawksbill turtles as this is a turtle breeding ground too. Then you can also spend another couple of day going further north to the Surin islands and spend a day diving Richelieu rock which is the big draw as its one of the best dive sites in the world. Recent years have seen the rise in new visitors too like the guitar shark, Minke and pilot whales too. Koh Bon is the most northern island in the group and is a location where people go to see both the reef and giant Oceanic Manta Ray.

As mentioned before the Similan Islands offer the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer, and are open for six months of the year. They open on the 15th of October and close again on the 15th of May. The reason for this is two fold. The fragile and unique eco systems on the Similan Islands are one of the major attractions of the area. But because the fragility of the nature reserve it can’t endure the massive tourist industry. Therefore, the Government of Thailand is protecting the Islands by closing them down for the public during the Monsoon season, which starts around May and ends in October. Between these dates the park is closed for all tourist and other visitors. Additionally, some of the Similan Islands are prohibited for to enter all year around because unique species of sea turtles are nesting on the beaches or to protect the very fragile eco systems that may be effected by conditions such as El Nino when the water may get too warm. The best thing to do is to contact us for the latest unto date information if your planned trip is at either end of the Similan season. 
If you want to experience Phuket diving as it should be visit the Similan Islands. You should contact a diving company as they will have all the latest information. There are many different companies available to choose from, but you want to make sure they’re TAT-certified, are insured and have experience with the islands. Money is no object when your safety is on the line. Don’t try saving Baht at this time

Although there are a number of Thailand diving centers in Phuket promoting direct travel. What they mean is the price of the transfer from your hotel to the boat is included. Taplamu is the local pier for Khao Lak. We ask that you reach out to Phuket scuba diving companies that run trips everyday. Many also run the snorkel and even dive day trips too. They tend to be less expensive and more knowledgeable about the local conditions. Thap Lamu Port is the main gateway to the Similans, as it is the closest point of land AND a deep water pier – home of the Thai Navy’s 3rd fleet. Island #4 is almost directly west of the port. It is approx 50km away. If you travel by speedboat, the journey is between 60 and 80 minutes. Larger boats and Phuket liveaboards take 3-5 hours to get there, so most of them depart in the afternoon or evening arriving at the first location before bed time so you still get a good nights sleep and will be fresh and already at the first dive site so you can be first in the water that day.

The cost varies wildly from 1000 baht for a space on the deck of a fishing boat to 5600 baht for guided diving trips. A speedboat is about 3,800 baht. This will include the national park fees, snorkeling gear and lunch. These speed boat trips will take you to four different islands for snorkeling. This is a better option as the speed boats will be taking to great snorkeling locations where the dive boats go to the best dive spots. These are not always the same places. There are several options for this. There is also a boat owned and operated by the national park that takes 4 hours and costs 1500 baht. It leaves each day at 09.00.

These services are not available after May 16th of each year, as the park shuts down for Monsoons. Taplamu is about 5km from the main North/South Route in Thailand, so getting there via bus is quite easy. The easiest way is to make your way to Khao Lak and get a taxi. If you have arranged a tour through a local company, they will offer transfer free of charge which is by far the best option as they collect you from your hotel and return you to where you want to go to afterwards too.

The Similan Islands diving is well-known for offering clear tropical waters, amazing marine life and white sandy beaches. Why else would you read this page? These tours can be set up in Phuket. The trip involves a 90 minute ride via air conditioned minibus from your hotel in Phuket to the pier. Don’t forget to pick companies that have been TAT-certified, have safety equipment on hand and are insured. You can pick from Similan diving boats, snorkeling boats or boats that cater to either one. But the dive boats tend to be the safest option as they have more safety equipment, medical equipment and of course all the fully trained instructors on the boats too.

Speedboats, sailing vessels diving liveaboards and even luxury yachts can be chartered or individually booked from a better Phuket dive shop or Khao Lak Only Similan Islands #4 and #8 allow you on land. There are trails and very beautiful viewpoints. Bring your shoes! The other islands are off limits to foot traffic. Transit between the islands can be very tricky. There are transfer boats available through the National Park. As the National Park service is a government agency, they are not always tightly organized. If you are short on time (and patience), we recommend using the services of a local dive shop or snorkeling company.