Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 19th November

Thailand Divers Trip Date 19th November

Trip location:  Racha Noi Banana Bay Racha Noi Bay Racha Yai Bay 1 

Number of divers: 8

Number of snorkelers: 0

Water temperature: 30 degree Celsius 

Underwater visibility: 12-15 meters

Weather conditions: sunny hot 

Surface conditions: flat calm 
On the 1st dive today at Banana Bay on manta ray reMonday my group and Ollie's saw a a manta 14 minutes into the dive cruising over the tops of are heads heading south towards Racha Noi bay. For the 2nd dive all eyes were peeled on the look out for this beautiful creature but alas he was gone but we did see a couple octopus and blue spotted ray on the 3rd Dive at Bay 1 we saw scorpion fish bat fish and another blue spotted ray. It was an awesome day today and the hi light was defiantly the manta 

Customers who have passed a diving course.
Congratulations to Tareg Bay for passing his nitrox course 

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