Monday, November 19, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 15th November

Thailand Divers Trip Date 15th November

Trip location:  Phi Phi island koh bida nok Koh Bida Nai Anemone Reef

Number of divers: 16

Number of snorkelers: 0

Water temperature: 30 degree Celsius 

Underwater visibility: 12-15 meters

Weather conditions: sunny hot 

Surface conditions: flat calm 

Dive details and points of interest:
On the 1st dive today at  Nok Ollie's group saw a leopard shark and Colin's group saw a banded sea krait a turtle and 3 cuttlefish on the 2nd dive at Bida Nai my group and Ollie's  found the ribbon eel and on the 3rd dive at anemone reef Matthews group found a sea horse and a blue spotted ray great stuff today and well done to all who took part 

Customers who have passed a diving course.
Congratulations to Andrew Norton for completing his open water certification

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