Friday, March 17, 2017

Super Prices For Similan Islands Liveabaords For April and May

For those of you with nothing to do in April or may then why not enjoy the last month of the similan islands scuba diving season.

There are great discounts for the last month 15th April - 15th May. Quick discounts to fill the last few spaces. 3 day 3 night similan trip from as little as 16,100 baht.

 Richelieu rock 3 day 3 nights from 19,000 and 4 day 4 night including Richelieu rock from 21,800 baht.

  All prices include transfers from phuket Thailand. All national park fees, all equipment too. Make the most of it. You will not find a better time to explore the similans.

There are plenty of other great phuket tours too. James Bond island for example where you can walk on the sands where Sean Connery did battle with Christopher Lee. Explore the limestone caves by sea canoe. Take a phuket safari to visit the stunning Khao lak national park or even better go on an overnight trip and go on a Khao Sok safari tour.

If this is not your thing then the phuket game fishing has some awesome trips all year round including all night trips where you can lock horns with the fearsome Tiger Shark or Sail Fish or even a Black Marlin. The game fishing phuket offers means that at the worst you will still go home with  a tuna for your tea.

There are some great phuket snorkeling tours as well. Phi phi bamboo tour is the most famous but there are plenty of other phuket day trips to enjoy too. The more isolated places like the similan islands or a great phuket tour snorkeling the islands around Krabi.

Phuket Thailand really does have so great places to go and so much to see if you just get away form the crowds.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Amazing End of Season Deals and Awesome Low Season Tours wWith Thailand Divers.

So many people come to Phuket Thailand each year during the peak season. Then they seem to have the opinion that before December and After February is all monsoon season. WRONG.

During April and May there is some of the best days for scuba diving Thailand you will ever get. There are less people, the sea is at its warmest, the vizability is perfect as its been calm for 5 months or more. Plus you still have all the great marine life too.

There are so many phuket tours available both for diving and non diving alike. The seas are calm so a great time for the speed boats to go to places like James Bond island. Then there are the best of all the Thailand islands just there off the west coast the Similan islands. This chain of nine islands offers some of the worlds best diving and for the non divers its the best of the phuket snorkeling trips available. The similans are a paradise for everyone.

Every year if you are wanting a last minute dive trip there are some excellent discounts on similan islands livabaord trips. These normally become available from mid April so the amazing price matches the amazing diving. There is also plenty of phuket day trips too that are available all year round. The diving in phuket is suitable for all levels. For those who have never done it before and want to discover scuba diving phuket is the perfect place to start.

There are many other phuket safari tours both on an off the water like the great over night khao Sok safari tour through the lakes and Jungle in the Khao Sok national park. There is far more than just diving in phuket. The selection of phuket game fishing trips will give you the chance to not only catch a fresh tuna for your tea but also get to grips with a Sail fish or Black marlin too. The game fishing phuket has just off shore can be a real exciting day out.

So do not think that Phuket Thailand is just a couple of moths a year but it really is an all year round resort both on and off the water.