Friday, September 30, 2016

The Similan Islands. A New Adventure Everyday.

The similan islands really can be a new adventure everyday.  This island chain lies to the north west of the tourist hub of Phuket Thailand so with in easy reach for all divers. The similans are world renowned as one of the best best diving locations around the world. They are without a doubt the best islands in Thailand and as far as scuba diving goes the world.

The similan island marine national park is made up of nine small islands on the eastern side of the  Andaman ocean. The islands boast shallow sandy bays with a mix of hard and soft coral reefs stretching for a couple of meters below the surface right down into the blue ocean and beyond. The water is so clear that you can very easily find yourself down at 30 meters or more and not even know that you have wandered that deep.

The visability is amazing with 30 - 40 meters being normal and thats at depth too. Many have said its like diving in mineral water. The other great thing about the similan islands is the fact the huge variety of marine life you can find here. The islands are a known Hawksbill turtle breeding ground so they are very common on most dive sites.

Most Thailand liveaboards spend a couple of days in the similan islands diving the reefs before heading north to Koh Bon which is a well know Manta Ray cleaning station. Here you can find the reef Manta and the massive oceanic Manta Ray.

The next stop on a similan islands liverboard is another stand alone island names Koh Tachai. This is a stunning island for all divers. From the stunning coral gardens that look as if they were laid out by a world class landscape gardener to the towering Tachai pinnacle will be enough to impress even the most seasoned diver. This plus the Manta Ray and Whale shark are often see gliding with ease overhead makes Koh Tachai one of the true great dive sites of the world.

The next step for most is onto the Surin islands where you can spend a day diving Richelieu Rock. This is rated in the top ten divesites of the world by National Geographic and was also in Jaques Cousteau's top ten of all time as well. this stunning location is one that will take you breath away.

A similan liveaboard is the best way to explore such a vast area of world class dive sites along with making many new friends as you tour the islands.  Similan islands diving is something that all scuba divers will need to experience themselves. This is one of the locations that you will hear on dive boats all over the world talking about. If you choose to do the open water course phuket then you are not restricted to local diving location but this can be done in the similans too. Just pop into a good phuket dive center and they will have you learning to dive in one of the greatest locations on earth.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Does nature Decide What Is Good For Survival.

There are somethings in life and in nature that are so easy to see how and why things evolved as they did. Frogs need webbed feet for swimming and bats need sonar to fly at night. This is east to understand.  Other creatures can change shape and colour like the octopus to hide from danger while some just grow so large that they are too big to be prey like the Manta Ray that cruise the similan islands and draw divers from all over the globe each year.

Now please take a look at other stunning things that we have here in Phuket Thailand and I will love people to message me and see if they can explain any of these. The only reason I can come up with is if the creatures make themselves look beautiful it will attract divers who will keep the other big predators away.

First up we have the cute yellow spotted box fish. How can being small, bright yellow and cube shaped be a great survival design??  These are common in the similans and all over Thailand and SE Asia.  Small brightly coloured, very un streamlined with pouting lips. These fish are so easy to see that anyone who has been scuba diving Thailand will have seen them as they are so cute they draw people in.

Then we have the Ghost pipe fish. Small, fragile, always stays within a few inches of the sea fan, plant or other underwater feature it calls home. Again these are common to most dive sites when diving phuket.  How can small, fragile and a weak swimmer be a great survival trait. But at least these are a better at blending in to their background.

Now the Ribbon Eel is a great find when scuba diving phuket.  They can be found in many sandy locations. They are either black,  yellow or blue or a mix of two of these colours. These amazing fish change colour as they get older and they change sex too. But still a bright yellow and bright blue with frills is hardly a goos colour scheme to stay hidden. The best islands in Thailand to find these stunning fish are places like the similan islands, or racha Noi to the south of Phuket and of course the Surin islands and the world famous Richelieu Rock.

Frog fish to me are a bit of a conundrum. They are awesome predators themselves when larger. However when small they have great colour schemes and come in so many designs they again are a great draw for people diving in Thailand. Yes they are aggressive and have spines to keep others away. But they are brightly coloured and they walk. Yes they walk on the sea floor rather than swim. They can swim when needed but not fast or for long distances. Even the spines and toxins in them will only be a defence after a few millenia of evolution when other fish learn not to eat them.  But for the first thousand years or so or when they are still small again an easy target.

Now the parrot fish. This comes in many amazing colours. and can be seen everywhere when diving in Thailand. Big and very bright colours.  When on a similan liveaboard they can be seen in great numbers. The other down side to them is they are a very tasty fish to eat too. No spines, stings, toxins or any defence except they can swim.

Last but not least in the crazy design awards. The Pygmy sea horse. My only thought here is if we stay as small as possible then may be nobody will see us.  They stay on their small bit of sea fan / coral for their whole life and being so small cant really travel too far. They do match in colour the coral that they live on and are very small but are very easy prey for anyone who wants them. My only guess is they are too small to bother with. These tiny creatures are seen when in phuket diving but are missed by most due to their size.

I know there are hundreds if not thousands of other mysteries of evolution out there but these are just a few of the ones that we see here in Thailand phuket especially on a regular basis. Then now with the similan island season about to start for another year it just seemed like a good idea to get people to look and think about what it is they are looking at. Similan island diving is some of the best in the world and Phuket dive shop like Thailand Divers like to give far more than just to book a trip for people but we like to explain and get people thinking about the beautiful things they are seeing underwater too. If anyone has any ideas on these amazing creatures evolution and survival tactics then please share them as to see how varied nature can be to help different fish that all live in the same conditions and have the same predators all evolved so differently from each other. Why such bright colours and poor swimming ability seemed a good idea. It beats me.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Discover Scuba Diving Phuket Is So Much Fun.

Ok, so what makes discover scuba diving phuket so much fun? Well for a start its the perfect location. Warm tropical seas averaging 28 - 30 degrees all year round.  The fact that you have clear water with around 20 meters being the average rising to 40 meters plus in high season.

The fact that in Phuket Thailand there is a wide choice of boats that give plenty of fun for divers and non divers alike.

Why learn to dive in phuket?? Great pools to practice in before heading out on to the reefs so you can maximise the dive time on the reefs as you have already mastered the skills in the pools.

Could it be the boats are large enough for big groups so you can have a days diving as just one of many things to do in Phuket.

Is it because Phuket and the local area gets you a chance to go to the similan islands to do your open water course as well as all the other great locations. 

Plenty of space to relax and catch some sun while you are exploring the best islands in Thailand and as such the world when it come to scuba diving phuket has it all.

For those of you that have never tried scuba diving before then a phuket diving trip is well worth a go as there is far more to do than just diving. There is plenty of play time too and most locations are exceptional snorkelling as well.

Phuket diving offered fun both above and below the waters

Weather you are doing your open water course phuket still has plenty to see. you will be on the same boat with other divers, non divers all finding different ways to have fun. By the end of the day your family and friends list will have grown dramatically. 

Diving in Thailand can be enjoyed by the young and old alike as all the diving is nice and easy. Slow drift dives in great conditions. 

This is also a great way to explore the Thai culture underwater too as all the guides will be happy to explain about the local islands history, their customs and culture. There is far more to scuba diving Thailand than just watching the thousands of different coloured reef fish. 

The best thing in my mind that you gain from a day or course diving in Thailand is the friends you make and the people you meet from all over the world. You all leave as one. Part of the ever growing club that has experienced what is one amazing day you spent scuba diving Phuket.

Dont worry if you can not swim or just dont take to scuba diving in phuket. I am sure there is always going to be something new for you to learn and experience. 

When in Thailand diving with Thailand Divers the one thing you can always be sure of and that will be you will have a great instructor who will alway be happy to see you. All the instructors here at Thailand Divers are never happier than when they are showing people around their stunning open plan office.

Diving in Phuket is one of those locations that no matter how many dives you do, or how many you have done in the past, you will always surface with a big smile. That dive was and always will be amazing. 

Once people come to Thailand phuket especially they tend to fall head over heels in love with the place. Scuba diving thailand tends to do strange things to people and they find themselves drawn back year after year.

Even if the weather is not perfect and you are very nervous as you have never been diving before. With the experience of the great staff the one thing that can be sure of and that you will have a smile on your face for the rest of your trip. Then when you are due to leave Phuket Thailand the only thought on you mind is when can come back. When you do arrive back for another days diving in Thailand you will be as excited as a baby in sweet shop.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Diving In The Similan Islands Is Awesome.

Diving in the Similan islands is awesome.  Its a magic place that will always be always with you. The similan and Surin islands offer the best diving there is. These are what Thailand liveaboaerds are all about.

Phuket Thailand has many great locations that will make you want more and more. Its a place you will never want to leave. The similans offer a diving trip that will stay with you always.

A similan island liveaboard will take you to places that you will only dream of. Places that offer sights that more only see on the National Geographic channel.  Thailand Divers will make your dreams come true.

Similan island diving is one of the only places in the world where you are in crystal clear water which are around 28 - 30 degrees all year round.  Their reputation as one of the top ten places to dive is well deserved. Not only are these are the best islands in Thailand but some of the best in the world. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Now Its Possible to Do Your PADI Open Water Course In The Similan Islands.

Yes now it is possible to get your PADI open water certification while diving the best islands in Thailand. This has been some thing thats been quie hard to do for so many in the years gone by but now you can do your open water course in the similan islands.

There are many phuket dive shops all selling tours and liveaboards to the similans.  The big problem is these days many people are pushed for time as they only come to places like phuket Thailand for a week and then want to see as much as possible. The problem arises when they want to see the similan islands as this until now you need to be an open water certified diver to do so. Then the Open Water course takes three days. The other main issue is when a couple / group where one is certified and the other is not as that is when scuba diving Thailand became a headache.  But fear not as now Thailand Divers is offering PADI Open water courses in the similans. Now you can learn to dive in Phuket and dive in the Similan islands too.

Now you can have time to do the open water course phuket, dive the similans and do all the other things to do in phuket that you planed on the one trip. What we do is arrive at the dive centre by 9am in the morning for your pool and class sessions. Then we board the similan liveaboard in the late afternoon and head out to similan islands during the evening. This way you save on the cost of the hotel too. You have time to relax and settle in to your cabin and have dinner on the deck as the sun sets. The boat then arrive at the first location before you turn in for the night so in the morning when its time to dive you are fresh and well fed too. Now you are ready to the course.

Then after your first 4 dives of the trip you are certified and still have another five dive over the next day and a half to explore the best islands in Thailand.  The open water course phuket is available on certain trips and not all cruises are possible. To experience the similan islands diving on the open water course you need to do the 3 day three night trip or longer and you can then head on up to the Surin islands too as these are just as good diving too and then you get a day diving Richelieu rock which is one of the top ten dive sites of the world.

What better place is there to get your open water certification or to do any other course come to that than in the best islands in Thailand and that means the world. Just pop in to Thailand Divers which is known as very flexible Phuket dive center so you can arrange the trips and courses to suit you. Diving phuket is a world beating place to dive so why not learn to dive in one of the best places on earth.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where Is The Best Place To Go Scuba Diving In Thailand.?

After diving and working in Phuket Thailand for a good few years now and reading hundreds of blogs, stories and reports of hundreds of dive sites, resorts and boats I have come to the conclusion that there is not one "best location" for scuba diving Thailand.  They are all good. Ok on some days some locations are better than others but on other days then a different location is better.  So how do we work out which are the best islands in Thailand.

The Similan islands are considered to be the best diving phuket has to offer. However although most of the liveaboards do go to the similan islands but they also go to the Surin islands too. This is another national marine park just to the north of the similans.  The similan liveaboard trips most of the em anyway spend a day diving Richelieu rock. Now this is a great dive site. This is listed by national Geographic as one of the top ten locations in the world. On top of this it was also in Jaques Cousteau's top ten dive sites as well. If anyone should know where the best locations are then it will be him. No one has been to more places, done more for recreational diving or done more to bring the seas and oceans within the reach of all people as Jaques Cousteau.

Still this is not 100% right as every person is different. If you are a person who loves wreck diving then there is not much for you in the  similans. Yes you will have stunning reefs, almost unlimited sea life and a great place to improve your underwater photo collection but there is not much in the way of wrecks.  Again if you are a cave diver then other locations will suit you better. But the similan islands diving does tick all the boxes for most divers.

The boats that you will be on when on a liveaboard similan islands can not be beaten.  There is such a wide choice of boat from the length of the cruise to the standard of boat. There are boats with high class chefs, and stateroom style cabins on some boats to quad bunks on others. This does not matter as the diving is the same for all. Even on the budget boats the food is excellent, the cabins are all air con rooms and the boats all have plenty of room to relax between dives. If you are planing on diving in Thailand then it really is worth looking into a similan liveaboard as the cost for the liveaboard is the same as a couple of day trips plus a cheap guest house. If you then add the price of food plus the fact that you get 4 dives per day on a liveabaord it actually works out cheaper to go to the similans than to stay in Thailand Phuket especially.

So back to the top. Where is the best islands in Thailand when it come to scuba diving has to be Richelieu rock which is part of the Surin islands national park which is done onboard a similan islands diving liveaboard.