Monday, January 30, 2017

When Is The Best Time To Dive In Phuket Thailand ??

If you are thinking of visiting Phuket Thailand for a bit of diving or a bit of snorkeling in Phuket then you need to know when is the best time to come. Yes all over the internet there are ways to see when the rains come and when the monsoon season is. But even this changes from year to year.

However with a bit of planning you can get an awesome holiday in the middle of the high season when there are a lot less people. These weeks normally follow a busy time. So for example from mid December through Christmas and New Year places like Phuket are very busy. But then if you wait till mid January then normally the third week and forth week in Jan are a lot quieter. Many of the liveaboards to the similan islands are half empty.  There will not be spaces on all trips but you tend to find that if you are slightly flexible then a 3-4 night trip to the similans is normally possible at very short notice. Then if you are not yet certified then there is space to do the PADI open water course Similans on a liveabaord too. Something which is much harder on a full boat. How do you like you holiday?? Thailand Divers much prefers the the nice empty beaches away from the masses.

Then again if you are looking to discover scuba diving phuket for the first time then you will have a far better experience if the boats are not crammed and the group sizes are much smaller. This way you will get far better instruction and " instructor time" as they will be not dealing with larger numbers. When learning to dive phuket then its far better to be able to relax on the sun deck between dives and drop into a calm blue ocean on a reef with more fish than divers. You have space to explore and above all enjoy the trips. The same can be said for the open water course phuket. The key is in deciding on which phuket dive center to choose.  There are many phuket dive shops but always find one that does that little bit more as that just shows they are there to take care of all customers throughout their holiday and not just for diving. A good dive shop phuket is there for everyone.

Next we have Chinese New year again a week or ten days when the boats are full each day. Then after this comes a good month where there is amazing diving after the crowds have gone. February is an perfect time to visit. The snorkeling in phuket comes in to its own. Flat seas, fewer people and so much to see. The Phuket islands and surrounding area including the similan and surin islands are by far the best islands in Thailand. If you look up similan Thailand you will see that they are rated in the top ten dive destinations on the planet. Plus tours to places like James Bond island too. Just avoid the peak weeks and then you can have a an almost private trip if you are careful of the dates.

The same goes for the phuket hotel and phuket guest house selections too. There can be many a bargain at this time of year. The really popular places like patong beach have many large hotel groups here but if want a great deal then look for a patong beach hotel thats owned privately and if possible had a new owner in the last year. This way you normally get great service, new rooms and still at lower prices. The same goes for the guest house phuket market. If you look down a few side streets you can normally find a great little oasis, a real gem hidden from sight to most passers by. Also look at websites like Thailand Divers who offer more than just diving phuket. They will have a few good places that few other know about and at great prices too. Places that they use for their diving customers. People who go scuba diving Thailand like a great place to rest and relax in the evening after a full day on the ocean. Good food, plenty of comfort and above all a good price as they are really there to spend their money on the scuba diving Phuket has on offer.

So dont just worry about the ow season there is no reason you can not get a great bargain right in the middle of high season too. All you need to do is know who to ask. There is no need to pay top prices to get your own bit of Paradise in the best times of year too.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Phuket Thailands Perfect Quiet Tropical Holiday Destination Even in Patong

Many people come to Phuket Thailand each year for many different reasons. There is of course the awesome diving Phuket has to offer both in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman ocean. There is the similan islands which are by far the best islands in Thailand when it comes to scuba diving.

Then for those that dont dive and just want the best locations for snorkeling again the similans are without a doubt one of the best locations for snorkeling in phuket.  There are plenty of other locations too like James Bond island, Khai island, The phang nga national park, krabi and Phi Phi bamboo.  But the similan islands are by far the best phuket snorkel tour.

However many people prefer to get away from the crowds and want peace and quiet on their holidays. This is where Thailand Divers comes into its own. All the normal things to do in Phuket can be very easy to do as a private tour. Get away from the crowds, set your own departure time and return time so as to miss the crowds. Have the boat to yourself so if you will like a bit more time in one location and then a bit less in another then thats fine as its your tour.  No crowds, no cramped boats. no transfer delays while waiting for other people. Its your holiday, your choice of tours and your timetable.

Then even in the busiest to towns there are idyllic oasis of calm and tranquility. Great phuket hotels and comfortable phuket guest houses for you. Many hidden alcoves that most people just walk on by without ever seeing. There are plenty of Patong beach hotels that have 5* service at 3* prices if you know where to look. Thailand Divers after being here on the island for 15 years has had the time to locate these hidden gems for you. There is many a guest house phuket thats totally tucked away from the masses to offer that total peace and quiet refuge but still close to the beach and town center. Many a good Patong hotel is easily missed.  These amazing Phuket hotels and guest houses will be an ideal hideaway from which to have that perfect calm away from the crowds even in the hight of the season.

When it comes to the tropical island paradise that we all dream about then Similan Thailand is the ideal diving and snorkeling location all with in easy reach of the main island of Phuket. But remember there are also many other phuket islands to explore and if you just ask the right people the right questions then you will never be stuck in that mass tourist rat race ever again. Just ask yourself what is your ideal holiday?

I know what holiday I will prefer...Welcome to Thailand Divers Phuket. Welcome to paradise..

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Best Scuba Diving in Thailand with Thailand Divers

Phuket Thailand is well known for having some of the best scuba diving on the planet.  From the warm shallow reefs found when diving phukets local sites  like Racha Noi and Racha Yai are a haven for small animals, reef life and great place to learn scuba diving in Phuket. 

Nestling like a pearl in the Andaman Sea, Phuket  sets itself apart from and elevates it above Thailand's other diving destinations, and this is one of the reasons why so many visitors come back for scuba diving Thailand year after year. Phuket is the ideal location as you have the Gulf of Thailand to the East and the Andaman ocean and the Similan islands to the west.

Simply put, this island is the only resort area from where you can visit all the best islands in Thailand with regular liveaboard tours to the famous Similans,  Richelieu Rock, as well as Burma.

Scuba diving in Phuket offers a wide range of interesting local adventures too, with its soft coral pinnacles, coral filled bays on the many islands, wall diving on Koh Doc Mai. Discover the sunken treasures of the King Cruiser,  an ideal site for deep divers and wreck divers. Then there's the chance to dive with manta rays, eagle rays, Leopard sharks and even the odd whales at Racha Noi South Tip. 

Scuba diving phuket is ideal if you are a photographer then you can take underwater photos of cuttlefish or the leopard sharks at Shark Point or Koh Phi Phi. Shark Point is a series of pinnacles covered in colourful soft corals and alive with sea life. Nearby is Anemone Reef, another pinnacle carpeted in magnificent anemones and a great place to see clownfish and find turtles. Then you have the reefs of Racha Noi with its protected dive sites means great viz all year. Then the white sandy bays create great lighting too to produce some great photos. 

The Phi Phi Islands are further away but still well in range of the day trips boats and these days trips are available every still from phuket.   These ever-popular islands provide splendid wall dives where you might find reef sharks and groupers, schooling reef fish such as fusiliers, as well as smaller marine treasures such as pipefish and squid. The trip to Koh Phi Phi is not as pretty as some but this day trip is well worth the trip as its a great location to dive with sharks and turtles. Then the third dive at Shark point is stunning. 

With unbeatable access to all of the best diving in Thailand, its own varied and fascinating underwater worlds, plus its legendary topside attractions of fantastic beaches and thumping nightlife, Phuket Thailand remains very popular with both young and experienced scuba divers alike.

You can visit all of the top Thailand diving spots all of the year round, but the best conditions exist from November through to April. The similan liveaboard season runs from early October through to mid May.

Late May to October brings monsoon winds and surface swells to the island, sometimes reducing visibility by about 30%, but it's pretty rare that local diving trips are cancelled due to bad weather. Indeed some of the sites are just as good, if not better, in the low season. October also brings heavy rains to the Andaman Sea.

Want to venture further to experience some of the best diving in the world?
 Thailand Divers is one of the best and has one of the greatest selections of phuket liveabaord trips to the similan island national park. We are the leading authority in adventure-laden to the Similan and Surin islands and offers a wide range of trips from October to May to the very best dive sites in Thailand.  Including the world famous Richelieu Rock, plus Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the Surin Islands.

You can also go further north - across the border to Burma for a massive eight day adventure taking in the Similan islands, surin islands and then on into the Burma banks and the remote Mergui Archipelago. And from June to September there are some tour options that take in the best sites of Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands.

You might find it useful to use the live chat function on the website to check all available trips, cabin types and other options in advance as some of the amazing liveabaord trips can book up well in advance. Thailand divers has trips departure almost everyday so we can always find a date that suits your travel plans and budget. 

We also have a selection of top quality Patong beach hotels and some of the best Phuket guest houses all in great locations that are your own little oasis in which to relax in before and after your trips. all our Phuket hotels and patong guest houses are all from our customers choices. They are all names that keep cropping up as ones that offer great quality service and comfort. All are close by all the main attractions and yes in quiet cul de sacs that offer peace and tranquility when needed. 

Phuket Thailand is a dream location and if you are thinking of the perfect phuket liveabaord trip then you only need to think similan Thailand and you will always have the best diving trips available to anyone around the world.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Where is the Best Diving in Thailand? Where to Stay? and Who to Dive With.? Thailand Divers Who Else.

The best diving in Thailand is in the Andaman Sea. Richelieu rock and Koh Tachai are the highlights.  These world-class dive sites deserve to be in every divers' top 10. Other places to target are the Similan islands and Surin Islands. These 2 island groups are located off the west coast in the Andaman ocean. They are part of a chain of islands that produce amazing diving right up into Burma and the Burma banks. This whole area is best done on a similan islands liveabaord trip

When to visit Thailand? From October to April is the best time for the Andaman Sea. Giant Manta Rays arrive at the Similans from late November and are seen well into April. Come mid May the West coast starts to get humid and then the rain showers can come in the evenings and the monsoon season can start as early as late May and can continues until September. Plus the marine reserves which host most of the best diving are closed from 15th May to the middle of October. During this time, the Gulf of Thailand to the east of the country is a better option. The best diving on this side is around Racha Noi and Racha Yai to the south of Phuket. 

Diving Phuket has some great all year round dive locations as the islands of Racha Noi and Racha Yai have good diving on both the east and west sides so there are always well protected dive sites all year round. Scuba diving phuket has great advantages as the boats are larger than those of phi phi and Koh Tao which means in low season there is plenty of space inside if you get caught in a shower but also they all have nice sun decks to relax during dives. They also have great chefs onboard to cook you breakfast, lunch and snacks on the way back all included in the price. This means that when you learn to dive phuket then you have the best experience on the boats which makes learning so much easier. For those wanting to discover scuba diving phuket or even do the open water course similans then phuket thailand is a great place to start.

Just pop online and chat with Thailand divers as they are one of the most established of the dive centers phuket has. Any good padi dive center phuket will have the live chat on the website so you can chat with the staff day or night. 

On top of this Thailand Divers also has several patong beach hotels and phuket guest house that are close by but most important is they offer the best service and lower prices. All are recommended by our divers as offering top quality for your money. A good Phuket guest house gives you the freedom and surroundings to relax in the evening after a great day on the water. 

So to wrap up if you are looking for a liveabaord then the similan islands Thailand is the top choice. The similan Thailand adventure is one you will always remember. Then if you are looking for a day trip, or are looking to learn to dive in Thailand then Phuket is the place to stay and make sure you get a day or two at Racha Noi. phuket all year round does offer some amazing diving. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Big Fish In The Best Locations For Scuba Diving In Phuket Thailand With Thailand Divers

The similan islands these days have such a great selection of phuket diving trips. They range from over night to a massive two weeks. The similans offer something for everyone. From the great reef are paradise for macro lovers. Then as you head north you come to the areas that are home to the Whale Sharks, Reef Mantas and the massive oceanic Manta Ray too. If you like photogtaphy or video then there is ideal conditions for you too. Then for the lovers of the " big stuff" you will be in heaven on ....

Big Fish Special

This is the boat to be on to look for the really big stuff. This boat spends all its time around Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock. These are the locations that the Whale Sharks, Reef Manta Ray and the Giant Oceanic Manta Rays like to hang out. The trip departs in the afternoon and sails directly to Koh Bon during the evening. This way you are already there for first dive the following morning when all the other boats are still cruising to get there. Early morning is a great time for both the Whale Shark and manta ray as they need their breakfast too.

This similan islands liveaboard boat accommodate 20 guests in comfortable air conditioned cabins of which three different types are available: Twin bed cabins, Double bed cabins and 4 bed shared cabins to suit groups and families.

Our similan liveaboard vessel is 24 meters long and 5 meters wide wooden hull built boat that is manned with 5 dive staff and 6 boat crew.

All meals on board are served buffet style freshly cooked from the on board kitchen. Snacks and fruits are served in between dives. The dinghy gives you the opportunity to spend some time on the beautiful beaches.

Nitrox is also available onboard as well as Nitrox courses (EAN) and a wide range of PADI Courses i.e. Open Water Course similans, Advanced Open Water Course, Deep Speciality and many more.
11 world class dives at Thailand´s premier dive destination.

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands is one place in the world you do not want to miss either as a scuba diver or a snorkeler. National Geographic placed the Similan Island national park as
These amazing uninhabited islands are located off the West coast of Phuket Thailand in the Andaman Sea. The Similan Islands have something for everyone at every age and ability. Shallow tropical coral reefs, soaring pinnacles, massive coral gardens and of course a breeding ground for the Hawksbill turtle. You will be amazed by the diversity of the underwater world that the Similan islands diving have to offer.

You can explore the Similan Islands either on a day trip, overnight trip or a 3 days 2 night Liveaboard. All our scuba diving trips are fully supervised by our experienced dive masters with a maximum group size of 6 divers to one divemaster.

We pick you up from your patong beach hotel or any hotel on the island of Phuket. Then take you up to the pier in Khao Lak to join the live aboard. Then you can have your trip of pretty much any length you like. During the season then we have trips leaving everyday from 15th October until 15th May each year. 

Then after your desired length of trip we can return you back to your patong hotel or guest house patong or if you are traveling around then we can drop you off in a different area too. There is so many great phuket scuba diving trips that you will be spoiled for choice. 

To make the most of the great deals that you can find for scuba diving phuket just pop into one of the better phuket dive shop like Thailand Divers which has a larger selection of trips for everyone. If you want to learn to dive phuket the any of the PADI courses are available like the open water course phuket for those who want to get a scuba diving license. Then if you have never done it before the try discover scuba diving phuket and you will not find a better place to start. 

Scuba diving in Thailand is something that will get everyone hooked on scuba diving and will be the bench mark for all scuba diving trips to come after. Those that dont dive will still have the trip of a lifetime as the Similan islands Thailand is one of the true tropical island paradises left on earth. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thailand Divers Now Offers The Complete Thailand Diving Package

Phuket Thailand has always been a great holiday destination for winter sun. Warm tropical seas with white sandy beaches makes for a great location as its one of the best islands in Thailand.

Its central location off the west coast means its in easy reach or some of the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer anywhere. To the East we have Phi Phi islands, to the south Racha Noi and Racha Yai all with their own reefs and dive spots plus all those in between.

Then to the west we have the Similan islands. This has some of the best scuba diving phuket has to offer and that means the best diving in Thailand and thus the world. The similans are a group of nine islands in the Andaman ocean but as far as diving is concerned a similan islands diving also includes the islands of Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the Surin islands and a day diving the world famous Richelieu Rock.

If you are looking for a similan Thailand dive trip the you really need a few days free as the best way to explore these great dive sites is on a  similan islands liveabaord. This is due to the location and pure number of dive sites. A day trip is possible but so much time and money is wasted on travel to and from the islands that there is only time for 2 dives per day. Then these are only at the closest locations and the better diving is at locations that are out of reach of the day trippers.

When it comes to scuba diving in Thailand then a trip to the similan island national park is a must. This is for diving, or for snorkeling in Phuket then you are in for a treat. The similan islands are by far the best of the phuket islands tours.

Why is Thailand divers the best phuket dive shop?? Well not only do we offer the best diving, best boats and best instructors on the island. This will give anyone who wants to learn to dive phuket the best possible training. We can offer the PADI open water course phuket along with people who have never tried before and just wanting a taster the chance to discover scuba diving phuket the chance to do this together on the same boat to the same locations. We also do the open water course similans too.

Then for the non divers we have snorkel tours, sightseeing to all the popular destinations like Phi Phi bamboo and James Bond island. Then for people who want to see more of Thailand we have safari tours into the Phang Nga national park, horse rising on the white sandy beaches, ATV tours, elephant trekking, white water rafting and phuket islands tours too.  Taking in all the local land marks. Canoe tours as well a game fishing too.

If that was not enough we also have our small selection of Patong hotels and patong guest houses too. These are all very comfortable and in locations where you are in your own little oasis of calm and yet close to all the main shopping, bars and restaurants too but being in little cul de sacs you have a quiet little retreat to relax in.  All the guest house patong and Patong beach hotel that we show are all selected by our customers.

They are all names that kept coming up again and again. All were offering great value and all offering service well above their price range.  We can also offer hotel transfers too. This is why Thailand Divers is the complete package as we offer a total holiday from the minute you get off the plane till the time you take off again. We can now offer the service that we gave to all our divers over the last 15 years and can now offer this level to all customers and not just the divers.

Phuket Thailand really can be a dream holiday for all the family and not just for those diving in Thailand.