Monday, November 5, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 20th october

Thailand Divers Trip Date  20th october

Trip location:  Phi Phi island Koh bida nok Palong wall Koh doc Mai 

Number of divers:  13

Number of snorkelers: 3

Water temperature: 28degrees Celsius 

Underwater visibility:  Koh bida nok 12 meters Palong wall 8 meters Koh doc Mai 8 meters

Weather conditions: cloudy cool breezy 

Surface conditions:  flat 

Dive details and points of interest leopard sharks blacktop reef sharks nurse sharks sea horses fin related moray eels turtles giant trevelly  damsels    clarks anemone fish false clown anemone fish skunk clown fish Jan's pipe fish

Customers who have passed a diving course.
congratulations to Lisa Austin for passing her final day of the open water course