Monday, November 5, 2012

Thailand Divers Trip Date 30th October

Trip date:.  30th  October

Trip location:  Phi Phi,Koh Bida Nok,Koh Bida Nai,Anemone Reef 

Number of divers 19
Number of snorkelers: 2
Water temperature: 29 degrees Celsius 
Underwater visibility: Bida Nok 12m Bida nai 10m Anemone reef 10m
Weather conditions:  perfect hot sunny 
Surface conditions: flat 

Dive details and points of interest  

Great days diving today at Phi Phi island with a busy boat and lots of lovely happy smiley people at Koh Bida Nok their was a giant octopuses swimming about the bay which is always nice to see,at Bida Nai  my group saw a turtle but the highlight of the dive for me was a male ribbon eel which I've only ever seen in the simmilans on the 3rd dive  at anemone reef Dave's group spotted a Sea horse and also 6 Jan's pipefish gotta love those guys but they never stay still for a decent photo

Customers who have passed a diving course. O