Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Similan Islands Has Far More Than Just Diving.

The Similan Islands has Far More To Offer Than Just Scuba Diving.

Phuket Thailand is a world famous scuba diving location with many scuba divers of all abilities visiting each year from all over the world.
Thailand phuket especially has amazing wildlife both below and above the waves that it brings photographers and other nature lovers to these tropical shores each year.  Beautiful birds, lizards, reptiles, fish and other mammals cover the islands and in some cases the oceans too.

As many may already know the Similans are a chain of nine islands to the north west of Phuket in the Andaman ocean. These largely uninhabited islands are exactly what comes into people minds when you ask them to imagine a tropical island. White sandy beaches, palm trees, no people or buildings, light blue sea and calm bays set against a deep blue sky.  These islands along with Koh Bon and Koh Tachai make up the Similan national park.

These isolated bays and reefs are what makes scuba diving Thailand as popular as it is. The Phuket snorkel tours come here too as they really are what people imagine a tropical island paradise should be.  However there is plenty to see on land too. Step off the soft white sand and into the jungle. Take a hat and shoes too so as not to step on anything. There are brightly coloured birds, crabs, lizards and all manner of other creatures. You really do feel like an explorer looking for and discovering new animals that no one has seen before.

Diving Phuket can be great too dont get me wrong, but there is something about being on a beach with no other foot prints, in a bay with no other sounds or boats in sight that adds a magical quality to the location. Scuba diving Phuket is a great experience as you can have a 5 star hotel in the evening and be on a deserted tropical island during the day and this is what makes the similan island tours as good as they are.

The other option rather than going all the way back to Phuket each day is to get onto a similan liveaboard.  This is when you stay overnight or two on a large boat in an air conditioned cabin moored in one of the sheltered bays. this way you still get the great food but you can spend more time diving or snorkeling each day. Just pop into a good dive shop Phuket has a good selection but try to pick one that been around a good few years as they will have a better choice and more experience to get you what you want. There are plenty of Phuket liveaboards to choose from so dont stick to the first option. make sure the phuket dive center offers you a few options.

The last thing is not forget your camera as you never know what will turn up at any minute. Keep the camera with you at all times as we all know the minute you dont take it something amazing will turn up. So no matter how long you are in Thailand please make sure you leave a day or two to explore the magical Similan islands.