Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Similan islands Amazing Liveaboards

Welcome to the Similan Islands, one place in the world you do not want to miss either as a scuba diver or a snorkeler. National Geographic placed the Similan Islands as "One of the Top Ten Destinations to Visit in the World.” This idyllic chain of nine islands not only the best islands in Thailand but also the world when it comes to scuba diving.

Due to the location of the Similans, just off the west coast of  Thailand and the fact there are just so many dive sites that one day id just never enough. Therefore a Similan liveaboard is by far the best option. This way you get to do four dives per day compared to the two that is whats possible when diving Phuket and wanting the Similan trip too.

When it comes to doing a liveaboard Similans cant be bettered. Warm clear waters, amazing vatiety of creatures including the Oceanic Manta Ray and the Whale Shark. Similan diving can be enjoyed for six months of the year only as its a marine national park and is closed to all boat traffic from mid May till mid October each year. \

There are a good selection of Similan islands liveaboards available that can suit all budgets. From super yachts with cabins and food better than most five star hotels down to the standard cruise ships that can open up the Similans and Surin islands to all.  Just pop into a good Phuket dive center like Thailand Divers or talk to them via live chat as all good dive centers will have that function on their website. They will be able to get you on a similan islands liveaboard for as many days and nights departing when you want to go, rather than when a less experienced center will tell you when you can go.  

This is a trip you will compare all others too. This is what you will remember for the rest of your lives. No matter what the price or length of trip you will never look back. The Amazing Similan islands are what dreams are made of. 

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