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Scuba Diving for Kids in Phuket Thailand.

Can Children Go Diving ?

Of course they can. In Phuket Thailand we feel its like any sport or activity in that the sooner they get started the better and more competent they will be. Scuba diving can be started by children as young as eight years old. This also means that the kids are away having a great safe adventure and you can relax knowing the kids are safe. They will actually be learning about a whole new world and as 70% of our planet is covered in water then they are learning about the larger part of our world and having fun too. There are so many things to do in Phuket but I bet the day the kids went scuba diving for the first time will be the best thing they have ever done.

Phuket is the perfect place for children to learn to dive.

   Now as more and more families are visiting tropical paradise islands around Thailand Phuket being a great favorite I thought it will be of use to so many families to let people know that Scuba Diving Thailand is not just an activity for adults. Children as young as 8 years old can go diving too. There are several programs and courses for children to take part in, and the junior certifications automatically get upgraded to adult one as they grow up without doing anything except continue diving. For those people who want to let there children experience scuba diving Phuket has several options.

                       Discover scuba diving and Bubble maker are ideal ways to get your children to discover the underwater world.                                                                       

                                                            Kids  8-10 years   

Bubble Maker.       This is a one day (2 dive) trip on a real dive boat to a location with swimming pool like conditions. Here in Phuket we have several locations where we can go so they children can get a real taste of diving. They will be on an island to the south of Phuket called Racha Yai where they can experience the amazing Phuket diving under the constant control of a very experienced instructor. They will be taught basic theory and safety skills. How the equipment works and what it all does. They will also be taught how to dive and control themselves in the water. Best of all they will be over a coral reef so they can see plenty of fish and other underwater creatures. Racha Yai is an excellent place for snorkeling too so if the parents dont want to dive then they can join us and have a great Phuket  snorkel tour too. The maximum depth for this is just 2 meters so the children can get a full taste of scuba diving but never be far from the surface. 

Thailand Divers offers the best kids diving program in Phuket.

                                                                 Kids over 10 years

Discover Scuba Diving Phuket.      This is identical to the adult program which is available to children and adults alike. This is a great day that can be enjoyed by all the family.  This program is a 2 dive day to the beautiful island of Racha Yai. The instructor will give full training on the boat (after a big cooked breakfast) on the way out to the island. This will include some theory, a full safety briefing and they will teach you a few safety and diving skills that will help you get the most out of the day. This is a great way for the whole family to enjoy Phuket scuba diving at its best.

The instructors at Thailand Divers love teaching scuba diver to kids just as much as the kids love it themselves.

 Once at the island you will be taken to a nice calm shallow bay. Here the instructor will get you under the water just a few meters. Once on the sand the instructor will demonstrate the skills you learned on the boat and all you need to do is watch and repeat. Once both you and the instructor are happy you will begin your dive round the reef. This is where diving in Thailand comes in to its own as here there is so many tropical reef fish you will be amazed. The dive lasts for a maximum of 50 minutes or till the first person starts to run low on air and is to a maximum of 12 meters deep. this gives us plenty of time to realax and really get to see some great sights.   Once back on the boat you will have lunch. Freshly cooked buffet of both Thai and western dishes.  After lunch the boat will move to a second location in the island for a second dive. This is a great family day out as again its a perfect location for diving and snorkeling alike. This day trip diving in Phuket will be the highlight of the trip and will be the start of a great new family activity. 

Thailand Divers Phuket had the most dedicated kids instructors. Ideal for junior divers

                                                                                                                                                              Junior Open Water Course,  

 This course is again identical to the adult version except that the maximum depth is 12 meters instead of the 18 meters license for adults.  This is for those that want to learn to dive Phuket and get a worldwide certification. The theory and skills learned in this course are identical to the adults course. This is the full open water license valid all over the world. This license is for life and will automatically get upgraded to and adult one as the child becomes older with nothing more to do on their part. This is a three day course. The first morning is in the classroom learning the theory and watching a dvd. The afternoon is in the pool learning al the skills needed for the open water on the following 2 days. Day 2 and 3 are on the boat. This is where you will refine the skills learned in the pool and practice them in the real world. On each dive you will do 2-3 skills learned the day before in the pool and then go off for an explore with the instructor to see what you can find. The same is for day three and at the end of the three days you will be PADI certified Open Water Diver. This can be booked in a good Phuket dive center like Thailand Divers which has been teaching people  scuba diving in Phuket for over 14 years.  .

Junior open water in Phuket with Thailand Divers will open your kids eyes to a whole new world.

          All trip include hotel transfer (depending on location) and when on the boat a freshly cooked breakfast and lunch. Both buffet style so there is always several choices. Afternoon tea (pancakes with banana, mango, chocolate or maple sauce) . Fresh fruit is available all day as is tea, coffee, chocolate and drinking water. Coke and Sprite and other soft drinks for a small charge.  All equipment and of course an instructor who is very experienced in teaching children. 

Kids in Phuket love the conditions for Scuba diving as there is so much to see.

                                                                                                                                                                                            So as you can see there are several options for children to experience scuba diving either as a family or as a way for them to do something new fun and exciting while you the parents get some well deserved relaxation time in peace and quiet. Thailand Divers  which is based in Patong in Phuket Thailand is the best when making sure that they children are happy, safe and taught correctly. Thus they will be hooked on a great outdoor activity for life. 

Kids love diving in Phuket as its a perfect place to do a jjunior DSD

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