Sunday, July 3, 2016

Learn to Scuba Dive in Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand is a dream destination for anyone who has ever wanted to experience scuba diving at its best. The warm tropical waters make it perfect conditions for coral to thrive and as a result anyone wanting to experience scuba diving Phuket has it all.

For those wanting to learn to scuba dive phuket has many options. The most common choice is the PADI discover scuba diving trip. This is a one day trip out on a dive boat where you will be able to discover scuba diving phuket style. Phuket is lucky as there are so many shallow reefs within easy reach so the discover scuba diving program san be done directly in the shallow protected bays rather than a pool. This has two great benefits. The first is that in a swimming pool the only thing you can see is a tiled wall and a few swimmers. Where in the ocean there is a huge amount to see. The second is that it will be a great day out to see the surrounding islands, the coral reefs and you will experience scuba diving as it should be.
The dive boats all give a good cooked breakfast on the way out. Then while relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee the instructor will run through all the safety briefings, teach you about the equipment and what it does. Then they will teach you a few safety skills to be sure you will be safe underwater. The instructor will also run through a small bit of theory with you so you know why as well as how certain things are done. Then on arrival at the first dive site you will be taking to a nice sandy bay where you will drop down onto a nice calm sandy area. here the instructor will demonstrate  the skills again. This time you will watch and then copy them. This takes 5-10 minutes.  Then when you and the instructor are happy you will set off to explore the under water world. Each dive is for a maximum of 50 minutes or till your air runs low. Then back to the boat for lunch and a relax on the sun deck while the boat moves to the second location.  This is how phuket diving differs from many other places around the world as the diving location are suitable for all levels of diving. Then after lunch we go for a second dive. This time as you have already completed the skills you can just drop in with you instructor and explore. During the day the instructor will be with you at all times. The discover scuba diving is not a license course so you do not even need to be able to swim as the instructor will do that for both of you. Then depending on the trip you are on after the second dive you may head back to Phuket or from a good dive shop phuket has some very good long estabilished ones you can get a third dive. On the three dive trips you will end up diving on two different islands and then on the way back the chef normally does some nice snacks for afternoon tea like pancakes with fruit or chocolate sauce. This is why a day in phuket diving is far more than just a "try dive".
Then we have the PADI open water course. This is for people  who want to learn to scuba dive in phuket and get certified. For this you do need to be able to swim 200 meters and float for 10 minutes. For those wanting this dive course phuket is one of the best locations to choose. The open water course is a three day course. Day 1. is in the classroom learning theory in the morning and then learning all the skills in the pool that you will need in the ocean. Then day 2 and day three are out doing three dives a day on the best sits in Thailand.  People who learn to dive phuket get a really good deal as not only do they get the world wide license but also they get to dive in some of the best locations in the world. When diving in phuket it means that your open water course will take you to the clear waters of Racha Noi and Racha Yai but also to Phi Phi where the movie the beach was filmed. Then for those who are wanting a real dream location then the open water course is also possible on a three day  liveaboard trip to the world famous Similan islands.
Then for the certified diver,  why not do the advanced course Phuket has many locations to do this and if you are going to do two days diving then you will be doing all thats required anyway.  Phuket also has the dive sites to complete many speciality courses too like wreck diving, underwater photography and a very useful one like search and recovery. Also in Phuket there is always space for one of the most fun courses and thats the rescue course.
For all course and diving for that matter the key when learning to dive in phuket or thinking about discover scuba diving phuket is which of the Thailand dive centers you choose.  many are new centers with a few years or less behind them. These centers tend to have many back packers and gap year students as their instructors as they travel around asia. The long established centers tend to have the experienced instructors as they need a center that will not be gone in a year or two. The best instructors are in the centers that have been here over 10 years as they know they are high quality centers. So when booking look for a dive shop Phuket  thats been around for many years as then you will be sure to have the best instruction. From the first breath underwater right through to becoming an instructor then Phuket Thailand has got to be one of the best locations there is. 28 degree water and 20 meter viz as the norm and in high season 30 - 40 meter plus viz. Diving does not get better.