Thursday, July 7, 2016

Phuket Thailand Has The Highest Quality Dive Boats.

 Dive Boats in Phuket Thailand.

        Here in Phuket Thailand over the last few years I have had more and more comments on the dive boats just as much as the dive sites. We all know that when diving phuket you get some of the best scuba diving in the world.   What with the warm water all year round and so many sheltered spots to dive no matter what the  weather does.  So what is the difference between the multitude of dive companies and dive centers?? The number of phuket tours available will keep you busy everyday for sure.

 The 2 main differences that makes Phuket diving better than almost every other and these are the dive boats and the instructors. There are many good instructors on the island too who have vast experience and excellent knowledge. However the best ones are the ones are the instructors that still have the passion and want to go diving rather than the ones who see it as another day at work but its still better than an office job.

     The main difference that can make or break a day is the boat.  As I said any dive shop phuket has many all go to the most popular dive sites but when there you dont want to see lots of other divers. This is where the instructors skill and the quality of the dive boat captain matters. But a big factor in what makes the difference is how you get there and how relaxed you are when you begin your dive. Scuba diving phuket is very popular during December until mid March each year  as many divers flock to the Similan islands for a few days on a Similan liveaboard . These people normally do a day trip or two before hand so the boats can get full with many people all wanting to make the most  of their time in Phuket. So again the boat standards make all the difference. Some companies have smaller, slower boats with wooden benches to sit on.  They are nice and cheap and get you to the dive sites if some what behind everyone else and with a numb bum. There are faster ones which pack everyone and their dog on to cover the cost of the fuel to run at faster speeds. Both have good points and bad ones.

What I have been repeatedly been told is the best way to dive is on a comfortable boat where the skipper and tour leader use their brains. The best boats have a large saloon that can hold everyone in comfort during the scattered storms of low season. They have a large open shaded area to eat during the heat of summer and a sun deck for those nutters that still feel the need too bake themselves further. The boat must have a chef onboard to cook a good breakfast on the way to the first dive site so everyone has energy for the day. We must have a good selection of both western and Thai food for lunch along with afternoon tea {pancakes with banana, mango, chocolate or maple sauce) just incase you feel a bit peckish  before dinner.

The tour leader and skipper need to be able to think and if one dive site is busy then move to the next one which is empty then move back to the first one when everyone else has moved on. Tides and currents must be taken into account as they are not the same everyday, so the order of dive sites can not remain the same as the enjoyment of some dive sites can be lost in stronger current where on other sites current can help as it means less finning. All of these small things add up. Then for those people who want to learn to dive in Phuket its is essential that they have the best conditions to learn in. What the best dive centers do is for all the people looking to discover scuba diving phuket is to leave them with the image how how everything should be in a perfect world. That way where ever they go afterwards will always be second best to the diving they did with Thailand Divers in Phuket.

Large dive boats with open air eating areas

   Now take all of the above factors into account. The large comfortable boat, the great food, the expert instructor and the great diving and you should get a perfect day. Who cares about a bit or rain on the way out if you have sausage, beans, eggs, toast and tea or coffee to get through. A quick lunchtime shower when you have your Spag Bol, Pasta Carbonara, Pad Thai or Thai Green Chicken Curry. Then mix this with an experienced Instructor who is there because he or she wants to be there. Wants to meet new people and most of all wants to make sure you have a good day too. Then just for good measure add the warm water, stunning dive sites and the huge variety of marine creatures on offer. Then what do you get Diving Phuket with Thailand Divers. Dont believe us then just check trip advisor. From first time diver to people with 1,000s of dives under their belt along with dive professionals from around the world all cant be wrong.  With the best diving, best instructors and by far the best boats Phuket Thailand is the one place in the world you will want to return to year after year.