Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why You Should Do a Similan Island Liveabaord Trip When In Phuket Thailand

Why You Should Do a Similan Island Liveabaord Trip When In Phuket Thailand

For many years now many people have been flocking to join a similan island tour during the high season months of mid October till mid May. The similan islands are a marine national park located north west of phuket thailandSimilan liveaboards were made popular ever since the famous Jaques Cousteau came to the area and was amazed when diving Richelieu Rock. This is a large collection of pinnacles arranged in a horseshoe formation. This site in itself can offer 2-3 dives back to back and still have plenty to see. For many people scuba diving phuket means warm clear waters, a huge variety of marine life from he very small to the massive Whale shark and Manta Ray.

 There are really three main types of similan island liveaboard. The first is a one or two night trip to the similan island national park. this can take in the similan islands themselves and go as far north as the Manta Ray hot spot island of Koh Bon.  Then there is a three day trip that runs to the north from Koh Bon to the surin islands which also gets you diving Richelieu Rock.  This trip is where the bigger stuff can be seen. All dive sites you can expect to see Manta’s, Whale Sharks, Black tips, Leopard sharks and this year both Guitar sharks and even some people got a pod or Orca’s.

Then there is the four or five day similan island liveaboard trip. This will take in both the similan islands, Surin islands, Koh Bon and then a day diving richelieu rock and back down again. Then there is the ultimate of the phuket liveaboards. The eight day trip on a luxuary yacht that will take you on a trip of a life time.

This similan island liveaboard will take you to the similan islands, Koh Bon then a day diving richelieu rock then further north into the Burma banks. This phuket liveaboards will take in some of the best diving the planet has to offer all in one trip and can be done in style.

No matter what level of diver you are when you are in phuket thailand and you have a few days  then it really is worth spending some time joining a phuket liveaboard.

So many divers come to enjoy the diving in the national parks as they are only open from 15th October till may 15th each year which does help keep them in pristine condition. For anyone who enjoys scuba diving in phuketor any warm water location then a similan island liveaboard has got to be on your bucket list.