Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Scuba Diving Phuket Is So Good.

Phuket Thailand has for many years been a very popular place for that perfect tropical beach holiday. It has been a well known in diving circles that phuket scuba diving offers some of the best diving in the world. For many, scuba diving phuket became well know after Jacques Cousteau came through and started diving Richelieu Rock. This is listed in his top 10 dive sites so with an endorsement from him is enough to bring divers from all over the globe to the area.  The island of phuket thailand is now home to many dive centers and dive schools. Centers like Thailand Divers have been teaching people to dive as well as amazing day trips to all the local islands for 15 years or more. Most dive centers also run similan island liveaboard trips out to the similan islands national park so everyone can experience diving richelieu rock and follow in the foot steps of Jacques Cousteau.
Scuba diving phuket is now a massive part of island life now with many dive centers starting up and and closing down each year. The secret when selecting one for your dive trip is at first glance a challenge. But with a day or two looking online and asking a couple of key questions you should be able to eliminate 99% of them. Firstly look for a dive center that has been there for 10 years or more. This way you know they are well run,  they will have experience instructors rather than travelers and gap year students just passing through. They will also have many returning customers and also you will know know they are on the ball with the constant changing rules that Thailand has concerning law, insurance and the other mountain of paperwork needed to run a good dive center. Then send an email to them and check the response. Are they asking you questions on your diving and what you want or are they just offering you trips and prices. Once you have got rid of the ones just selling to you then you will have one or two left. Check trip advisor then if they have a live chat option on the website have a chat and see who you fell suits you best.
Phuket diving has so many options from doing your  PADI Open Water Course phuket is a great place to learn to dive in phuket from total beginner to getting your instructor course. Learn to dive phuket is an ideal location for all.
For many the big draw is the similan islands. These lie to the north west of phuket and the similan island liveaboard trips have now become really popular for everyone. For years this was only available to those divers that already have their open water license or above. Now however the open water course similans is an option as you can do the class and pool sessions during the day and then leave in the evening on the similan island liveaboard to complete the course. The similan islands are a great place to dive and they can be  seen on almost any length of trip. From an overnight similan island trip to a massive 8 day trip taking you to the similan islands, surin islands, then diving richelieu rock then on into the Burma banks  before heading back to phuket diving all the way.
As for scuba diving in phuket there are great diving on the day trips too. These run all year round come rain or shine as there are dive sites that can be used on all sides of the islands so no matter what the weather does diving phuket will always be a great day on the water. So when looking for that arm water dive trip take a quick look online and select the correct dive center. One like Thailand Divers with a long proven record and a live chat option so you can get a feel for the center too. Then pick a date and phuket scuba diving will be a reality and not a dream on a bucket list. phuket thailand these days is not so far and the diving is out of this world.