Thursday, June 2, 2016

Amazing Places to Visit in Phuket Thailand with Thailand Divers

Amazing Places to Visit in Phuket Thailand with Thailand Divers

These days phuket thailand is a very popular place for so many different reasons. Many years ago it was a popular back packing location with many beach shacks and bungalows on the beach. The warm waters, white sandy beaches have always been a draw.  phuket thailand has always been a great place for people to use as a base when diving phuket and the surrounding islands.

A big draw is the similan islands which is now a marine national park to the north west of phuket thailand. The similan dive trips are far better when done as a similan island liveaboard. These can be done as an over night trip or as long as you like upto ten days. The longer trips of 3 days or more will give you the chance to go diving richelieu rock which was listed in Jaques Cousteau’s top 10 places to dive. The was also confirmed when National Geographic did the same. Any similan liveaboard is great but to be honest any chance to go on a similan trip diving or snorkeling is worth the trip.

There are other famous phuket tours too including james bond island which was the home of Christopher Lee on the movie Dr No. Then there is bamboo island thailand which is done in the same tour as the Phi Phi which was the setting of the Hollywood movie The Beach. The james bond island trip combines snorkeling, canoeing, sight seeing and explore the islands and caves in the Phang Nga national park. There are many other things to in phuket too like rafting, canoeing, safari’s, horse riding, ATVs, Elephant trekking, fishing as well as snorkeling and scuba diving in phuket.

Phuket thailand is a great base for an amazing holiday. There are places like Thailand Divers that run far more than just scuba diving in phuket. Places like this have expanded to cater for divers and non divers alike.  It really is a one stop shop.  From dream cruises to the similan islands or great days diving phuket to a speed boat trip to james bond island. Then snorkeling at bamboo island thailand or a similan island tour for snorkeling.

That plus all the tours on land too means you can plan your whole trip in one go. So now even if you have never been to this part of the world then there is now no excuse as there is no need to worry about things to do in phuket as they can all be done with a simple live chat from one website. The dream holiday in phuket thailand no longer needs to be a dream.