Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Month till The Similan Islands Opens For The 2016/17 Season

One Month Till The Best islands In Thailand Open For The 2016 /17 Season.

Thats right in a little over six weeks the similan islands will be welcoming divers back to its warm waters once again. On the 15th of October the first divers will be dropping into one of the worlds greatest dive sites. The similans are in the top ten destinations for scuba diving according to National Geographic and will be open to all in a little over a month.

Phuket Thailand has some great diving in many other locations and you will find all over Thailand but the Phuket scuba diving is some of the best you will find anywhere.  Diving Phuket is great due to the clear waters and huge variety of locations available. For those that want to learn to scuba diving phuket has plenty of close shallow reefs that are like diving in an aquarium and as a result is a real confidence boost to even the most nervous diver. Again for the same reason for discover scuba diving phuket is an ideal place for the first time underwater.

But from mid October till mid May the focus tends to be on the similan marine national park. These can be done as a day trip from many phuket dive centers but to make the most out of these amazing islands the way to do them is from a similan liveaboard. These can be anything from an overnight trip to 3 nights or as much as two weeks. The one thing you can be sure of that no matter how many days you are on one of the  similan islands liveaboards then you will still want more.  

From the 40 meter visibility to the 29 degree waters and the thousands of marine creatures. No matter how many times you dive there there really is alway something else to see. From the Manta Ray and Whale sharks on The Surin islands to the north to the turtles and stunning colours of the reefs, the white sandy bays of the similans. This is a photographers dream. This island chain does alway deliver and they truly are the best islands in Thailand and thats not just for diving. The similans also are the best snorkeling in Phuket too. The phuket snorkel tours takes in 4 of the 9 nine similan islands by speed boat each day too.