Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Similan Islands. Experience The Worlds Best Diving

The Similan islands in the Andaman ocean is just off the west coast of Phuket Thailand. Here you can experience some of the best diving our blue ocean world has to offer. We are the lucky few who can take full advantage of all our planet has to offer as 70% of our world is ocean and most people are happy living on just 30% of the planet. Thats a shame as the similan island national park is some of the best diving there is. The other great thing is its is very easy diving and well within the limits of the people who have just done their open water  course phuket and now want to explore.  The similans are possible in a day trip from phuket but the far better way to see the best islands in Thailand is on a similan island liveaboard.

What makes similan islands diving so good? Well for one its the amazing dive sites. Great coral reefs made of both hard and soft corals. Crystal clear waters where 40 meter visibility is the norm rather than the exception. May be the fact that when in phuket diving in Thailand the water is around 28 or 29 degrees for most of the year. At shallower depths its can reach 31 degrees in the latter end of the season.

The best thing for many is its just one of many things to do in phuket. A few days on the beach followed by a couple of days where you can learn to dive phuket has some great local diving and then a couple of days out on a very comfortable boat exploring the islands. The similan liveaboard boats all have great chefs onboard and the amount of food available will mean a diet when you leave.  This way you can relax on the sundecks between dives or just chill in the main shaded eating area or even have a nap in your air conditioned cabin. The scuba diving thailand has to offer will really take some beating.

When in phuket diving from these great boats in the similans, in the warm clear waters, you will really not want to stop. Drifting along with minimal effort past the turtles munching on the bubble corals past the thousands os tiny reef fish. Great hard coral out crops with Nemo and his friends going about their everyday lives. There really is do much colour here that you will not believe your eyes. The one thing you do need here is a camera. Dont worry if you are not used to it. The similan islands have such great light and the creatures so relaxed that you will have time to get great shots.

The similan islands are open from the 15th of October each year and close again on the 15th May. This is to give the reefs and fish a chance to relax and have a break from the divers each year. This is one reason why the diving here is so good. The down side is that you do need to book in advance. You may be lucky and get a space at the last minute but if you are wanting one of the main holiday periods like Christmas, new year or Chinese new year then you need to think about booking well in advance.

Most good phuket dive shops will have many options for you with trips departing everyday and for different length trips. These range from overnight to a massive 10 days or more. Different boats too that can suit all budgets. Just ask any good dive shop phuket and they can advise you on all the options available to you. The similan islands are not a place that you want to miss.