Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Similan Islands Closing Soon...May 2015.

Hurry the Similan Islands are closing soon for the season.

Only  a few weeks left until the Similan Islands close - They will close on the 15th May 2015 and will reopen on the 15th October. 

The weather conditions are some of the best of the year during April but can be very HOT - May can be a bit more unpredictable and trips can be cancelled at the last minute due to bad sea conditions.

There is a fantastic day trip snorkelling option away from the scuba divers and you will visit 4 of the 9 islands of the Similan's during the day. Walk on the unspoilt white beaches with there crystal clear waters and amazing coral reefs. The Similan Islands Snorkelling Trip is suitable for all ages.

If you are a scuba diver then you will be in your element under the waters of the Similan's. If you are short of time then we have a 2 dive day trip that runs every day. If you have a bit more time then the overnight trip is fantastic as you will do 7 dives over the 2 days / 6 day dives and 1 night dive in the National Marine Park.

If you are looking for the BIG fish (whale sharks, manta rays etc) then a 3 day / 2 night Liveaboard to the Similan's and Richelieu Rock is the trip for you. 11 dives over the 3 day and visit the most famous dive site in Thailand - Richelieu Rock.

Similan Islands Liveaboards

If you are not going to be over in the next few weeks then it is not long until the new season will be around.