Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You get what you pay for.

You get what you pay for. 

Phuket dice sites are stunning         Here in Phuket we get a lot of people traveling through Thailand and south east Asia. As they go they try new things which is one reason for traveling in the first place. The one that we are most interested in at Thailand Divers is of course diving. Diving in Phuket is an all year round activity. From the Live aboards to the Similan and Surin Islands during the months of November till May and the amazing day trip dive  sites around Phuket all year round.                                                        
Phuket dice sites are stunning

         Phuket as a destination has budget hotels right through to amazing five star penthouses. The dive industry as evolved over the years to offer five star service with a three star price. There are boats that can be hired for the day for company excursions that can take 40 plus people and speed boats for four or five. However the standard every day courses and trips are anything but standard. The boats have comfortable saloons for keeping out of the sun or rain in low season. Shaded outside eating and relaxing area along with sun decks for those who wish to bake in the tropical sun. 

Comfortable dive boats         The courses and day trips are run to a similar standard. Small group size 1 - 4  students per instructor or guide. No poor quality beach dives just to get the skills done with no enjoyment factor.  Every dive will be at a good locations that experienced divers go to for their day trips. We want every dive to be fun and for you to be able to see great things underwater.  Having the small group sizes for ALL courses means a 99.9% pass rate. This also means that you will not just pass but pass to a standard far higher than actually required for the certification. As the groups are small the instructors have time to work with everyone to over come and improve anything that needs it. Hence the very high pass rate. 
What you will experience on you PADI courses in Phuket
        Other areas in Thailand like Koh Tao offer cheaper day trips and cheaper courses. This is fine if you are only interested in getting the certification rather than actually enjoying some of the best diving locations on the Planet Earth. Any place on the beach can offer PADI courses by walking into the nearest bit of sea, doing the required skills and walking out again. Or getting on an old fishing boat and chugging to a lump of rock in murky waters. 
Comfortable dive boats

Top day trip destinations       Here in Phuket we have some great dive sites that we the instructor still enjoy after 100s of dives on them. We think this is a far better way to do PADI Discover Scuba Diving or Open Water courses as well as all other courses and fun diving. The boats are modern purpose built dive boats with dining ares, sun decks as well. This is ment to be a relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise as well as just a dive course. You deserve some pampering too. All boat trips include hotel transfers, freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea by a very skilled chef on the boat. There is tea, coffee drinking water and fresh fruit on offer all day. 
Live aboard in the similans is a holiday of a lifetime.
Diving in the Similans is a world beating location.
Excellent service on the dive boats

    Yes the cost here is slightly higher here in Phuket than those in Koh Tao  and other places but what you get for the money is 100% above and beyond the normal. You only need to glance at trip advisor to see the quality of the service. You only need to look at face book, Google plus or Twitter to see the standard of the dive sites and the standards of the boats. Then just at the click of your mouse you can see the prices on the website are very low compared to other Phuket dive centers. If you still need some questions answered there is a live chat function on the website too.  Compare the prices at Thailand Divers to all the others here on Phuket and you will see the price is the same but the service is well above and beyond. 
Phuket has awesome day trip locations that we use on all  PADI courses

 Check out the diving at Koh Tao, The boats and the standard of diver they are producing here on one of their videos. Do you want to be like this ?   On this boat ?   or pay to dive great places on first class boats too.    YOU GET WHAT YOPU PAY FOR.  Your life and that of your buddy depends on your training.