Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Makes Phuket Thailand the best Place to Get Your Scuba Diving Certifications.

What Makes Phuket the Only Place to Learn to Scuba Dive.

There are many locations around the world to learn to scuba dive but what makes one location better than the next. Well to be honest thats easy. If you are not in phuket scuba diving then you are in the wrong place. The island of phuket thailand has been a mecca for scuba diving ever since Jaques Cousteau began exploring the oceans back in the 60s and 70s  
The main issues when learning to dive understanding the instructor and what they are trying to get you to do. The cold water  and nerves. So when diving in phuket solves all these issues in one easy step. Firstly the diving in phuket is so good that instructors from all over the world have made phuket thailand their home. This is key as no matter where you come from in the world then their will be an instructor here that will be from your country so there will be no communication issues.  Thailand Divers as do others have instructors from over the world. This also being such an international place that all instructors that have been here for any amount of time have learned the skills needed to be able to teach in most languages.

Next the water here is always warm 28 - 31 degrees all year round in the ocean even at 40 meters. When in the pool as long as the pool is open air and not under cover then you can spend all the time in the pool you need to perfect all the skills you need. If you were not doing a diving course then there is a good chance then you will be in the pool or in the sea anyway.  By spending the time in the pool not shivering you learn much faster and actually want to be there rather than just thinking when can I get and have a hot shower that happens other places.

By enjoying a day in the pool means you have already mastered the skills you need in the ocean. You already know what you are doing for each skill so the nerves have gone if they were ever there. This now means that you can spend most of the time in the ocean exploring with your instructor. As you are exploring the instructor can just you to do the skills as you are going along. Diving in phuket has so much life at all depths that you are too busy looking around to even think about being worried.

The fish and other animals are so many and colourful that you are just looking in awe at all around you. Phuket thailandis as amazing below the waves as it is above them.  So as you can see that to get your Open Water license all the main issues that people have all vanish just by doing it in phuket thailand.  This is why that no matter what scuba diving course you are thinking of doing just by diving in phuket you have all ready massively increased your chances of passing in flying colours.  So when thinking about going scuba diving or doing a course no matter what level then if you are not in phuket scuba diving then you are in the wrong place.