Thursday, February 23, 2017

Become A Scuba Diving Professional With Thailand Divers

If you love scuba diving and hate the "rat race" then this may just be the way to go. Here in Phuket Thailand we can offer you the greatest life changing step you will ever make.

Here in the warm tropics amongst the many Thailand islands lies Phuket. Just off the west coast.  If you have never been diving phuket then you know that it really is awesome diving and some of the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer. For those that have been then they will as so many before have been then are hooked. Then there are the lucky few who can call this island paradise home.

Ok so whats the first step?? Well the first professional level is Divemaster. All you need to begin this course is just to have 40 logged dives. Then you need to decide on a phuket dive center. There are many to choose from. First you look for one that has been around for many years as there are some like Thailand Divers that have been teaching diving on the island for 15 years now.  The dive centre Thailand you choose will make all the difference. When doing the PADI divemaster course phuket or anywhere come to that you want all the experience you can get.

For many people who do a PADI Divemaster course Thailand they do it over a couple of months. This is by far the best way to do it as the more experience you get on your divemaster course then the better divemaster you will be on completion. As a divemaster then you will be expected to be a great guide, give accurate, informative and descriptive dive briefings. Then lead the dive keeping control of the group without spending the whole dive banging your tank and telling everyone to stay together. Then you will also need to be aware off all the divers abilities and air consumption. Then how to manage the dive to give the whole group maximum time underwater and not have to cut a dive short as one person runs out of air. This is all experience.

Then in top of that most people who are doing the PADI divemaster course phuket are doing it with the aim of continuing on to do an IDC Thailand too and become a PADI open water scuba instructor.  The role of a divemaster is to assist the instructor when teaching. This is also vey good experience for you when you decide to move up and do your own PADI instructor developement course Thailand. So the longer you can spend on you divemaster course then the more varied course you will be able to assist with. Yes for sure you will assist with an open water course phuket and of course the most common thing when people are on holiday and want to try something new. Then they want to discover scuba diving phuket which is always a lot of fun when you are a divemaster and all of a sudden you see what its like when you learn to dive phuket from the other side. Now you are not just doing the skills for yourself but showing others how to do them. Take the phuket open water course. How many skills were there when you did that?? Now you have to do all of these in a manor so others can see what you are doing in a slow relaxed manor and all very exaggerated so as to highlight every point of the skill. These are all roles of the divemaster.

So as so many people want to learn to dive in Phuket there is always a huge need for good divemasters.  Plus every month of the year there is an IDC Phuket too which again is alway great for people doing their PADI divemaster course phuket.

Plus here we have the huge bonus of the best islands in Thailand....The similan islands. These great islands are fantastic diving and are rated in the top ten in the world. The similans are a massive draw for divers who want to spend several days on the boat and exploring as they go. The Similan island liveaboard season is mid October till mid May so if you can arrange your divemaster course for this time then some great diving awaits you. There are some great phuket tours to the similan islands for over night trips to 8 day phuket safari tours that go right up into the Surin island and on into the Burma banks. Diving in Thailand as a divemaster and even when as a divemaster trainee and if you choose the right dive center an the right time of year then there is no reason that you will not end up in the Similan islands Thailand for a trip ( or two) of a lifetime.

Now Thailand Divers have gone one step better. Why not do a 6 week divemaster internship Thailand in the Similan islands?? This way you can get all the experience of guiding and teaching and be in one of the best locations on earth. A similan divemaster course will take 6 weeks and include at least 3 similan liveaboard trips. This in itself is worth every penny as one 3 day trip costs 20, 000 baht. So in the six week course you will do 3 trips of three, four or even five days which are more than the cost of the trips.

Then on top of that you can get a months work on completion of the course getting in more diving and getting paid so you can get some of the money back again directly. How good is that. Doing the PADI divemaster course similans including three similan liveabaord trips PLUS then another month on the similan island liveabaords and getting paid for enjoying the similan islands diving. Where better than the similans to gopro Thailand.