Monday, March 28, 2016

Two Very Important Safety Issues Over Looked by Most Divers and Most Dive Centers Too.

Since I have been in phuket thailand there are two very important things that so many people forget about  when in phuket scuba diving. People spend months researching new dive sites and all the latest gear. They read up on all the latest computers and gadgets. Are fully up to date with the latest training and science behind diving but then they come diving in phuket they all forget 2  very important things.

Off Gassing

 Eating Well

 Eating and sleeping. No one is at their best no matter what they do if you are not well rested. For divers its even more important as when diving you absorb Nitrogen. This needs to come out your system between dives so when you see divers relaxing in the sun they are not being lazy but they are going through whats called off gassing. 

Its a very important safety procedure. Again if people dont eat well their energy levels drop and in diving that can be fatal at 30 meters. 

The other big issue with eating is sugar levels if you are hungry then you are not thinking about all you need to underwater. Low sugar levels can mean not thinking clearly and making bad decisions and again can be fatal when diving. 

 So next time you are in phuket scuba diving and you see divers having nice big lunches and then resting in the sun on an island under a palm tree or on the sun deck of a dive boat. 

Please remember its not for fun but a vital safety procedure that can save their life and that of their buddy or in the case of instructors all their students too. 

Thats why instructors will need bigger lunches and even more time off gassing just to be safer. Its not all jumping in the water and swimming with Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and the rest. So when diving in phuket be safe and remember phuket thailand  has some of the best foods and off gassing places on earth. Safety is a major part of the day too. Tropical countries even more so with the long hours in the warm sun and the cool sea breezes. 

So to every diver remember to be safe.