Friday, May 19, 2017

The Island Of Phuket Is Addictive. Once Bitten And You Are Hooked.

Phuket Thailand is addictive and you can Never be 100% free from its Hold

Each year so many people come to Phuket Thailand for their holidays and not all for diving and the same thing happens to so many...They get hooked. After the holiday they go home as normal but then something kicks in as you find that next year they are here twice and then slowly they have several trips a year and each trip gets longer and longer.

For those of us that dive here its twice as hard to leave. The one thing that never changes when diving phuket are the stunning locations, amazing sunsets and awesome people to dive with everyday of the year. Once you have been to phuket scuba diving then you will never forget it and nothing else will ever be quite the same. Scuba diving Thailand is an addiction and once hooked it will always be there in the back of you mind.

No matter where you go and what you do, all amazing places but for many its always just not quite hit that perfect spot as it does in Phuket. If you are going to do your PADI Open water course phuket will leave you in awe and nowhere else will ever compare. May be the sea just a touch colder or the whale shark not quite as close or the beer at the ed of the day just not quiet as cold and crisp as it was in Phuket. Once you discover scuba diving phuket, what ever it is, or most certainly a compilation of many things the result is the same. People just need to come back scuba diving Phuket more and more.

May be its the fact that here on any of the Phuket tours anything is possible. From Orca's to Sea Horses, Leopard Sharks any number of whales or Dolphins. From Whale sharks to the shy Bamboo Shark, Ribbon Eels to Frog Fish. Just remember when in Thailand diving then anything is possible.

From the amazing Similan islands to the west and phi Phi to the east everyday is a new adventure. The Similans are a great location for all levels of diver to spend a few days on the boat and explore some of the top ten dive sites the world has to offer. A similan islands liveabaord has more than enough great diving to keep even the most experienced divers happy. From the warm shallow reefs of the Similan islands themselves to the huge pinnacles at Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. From the smallest critters to the giant Manta Ray and Whale shark you can see it all. The similan islands Thailand are not just for divers but they are also a snorkeling paradise too.

No matter what type of Phuket tour you are on. From diving in the similans to speed boat tour sightseeing places like James Bond island you can be sure you will never be bored. There is just so much to see from your phuket hotel or phuket guest house. it does not matter weather by land or sea, boat or quad bike, canoe or ox cart then Phuket has an experience of a lifetime just around the corner. Places like the Khao Sok national park are a nature lovers and photographers dream.

 Then the Phuket game fishing too has some of the best big game fish around. From the black Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Barracuda all here in the Phuket waters for most of the year makes is a fishing mecca too. Big game fishing phuket is something to be experienced. A holiday to Phuket really does cater for every possible wish for a perfect holiday.