Saturday, May 13, 2017

Great Opening for Thailand Divers New Bar " Mermaids Bar"

Last night (12th may 2017) will go down in history as the day Thailand Divers great chill out bar opened.  Yes Phuket Thailand has a top new bar. Mermaids Bar.

The bar officially opened its doors yesterday to welcome all divers and non divers alike. The bar itself is chilled out with soft music inside and a quiet terrace to sit on, watch the world go by and chat to whoever you choose. So when you come back after your Phuket tours whether diving, snorkeling or any of the hundreds of Phuket day trips available then this is a perfect location to sit down and relax and decide what to do tomorrow.

The friendly staff can not only take your order for drinks but also advise you and get you booked on any tour you choose for the next day. No more wandering around looking for a place to relax in and then worrying about leaving just as you get settled to make plans for the next day. Just call the waitress and ask whats good to drink and which of the Phuket islands is a good place to go the next day.

If you want to Discover Scuba diving phuket is an ideal location to have a go. Then being part of Thailand Divers you can get all the help and advice right there as well. This applies to any PADI dive courses phuket is great for just about all warm water diving. Thailand divers is one of the premier dive centers phuket has and has been teaching people to dive for 15 years. Plus if you are already a certified divers then why not just spend a pleasent day scuba diving phuket. All can be booked up while ordering you drinks.

The bar itself in nicely decorated in warm rustic feel with a great beach / sunset feature wall makes everyday a perfect day for a cocktail at sunset no matter what the weather is doing outside or what time of day it really is. The prices are very good for a busy holiday resort compared to many other bars around. This truly is a great place to spend the evenings as there is never a rush and you do not need to go anywhere else as the bar staff can get your whole holiday planned for you while you just sit back with a Mai Tai or Margarita and enjoy your holiday.

If you are looking to go on one of the great similans trips either snorkeling or diving ( season is 15th October till 15th May) then as many trips depart in the afternoon then here at Thailand Divers Mermaids bar you can just walk in, sit down and order yourself a well deserved drink, look at when the next similan islands liveaboard trips departs and you can be off on a similan islands liveaboard that very afternoon. Holidays do not get better than that.

Diving and snorkeling not your thing?? No worries. Phuket game fishing is some of the best in the world to and many people come each year just to try to tangle with a Sailfish or Black Marlin. At the very least you should go home with a nice Tuna for your tea. Plus James Bond island or Phi Phi are always very popular places to see. Then if you want a day or two away from the beach there are plenty of land based trips too. ATV tours,  White water rafting, or Phuket city tour, Elephant trekking and for the photographers then there are some great Phuket safari tours.

 Day trips, overnight trips into the Khao Sok national park where you can do a river / lake safari or jungle safari spending the night in a bungalow in a jungle clearing or on the banks of the lake. OR a 3 day Khao Sok safari taking in both the jungles and lakes. this really is a photographers dream trip.  All of this is so simple. Just ask the waitress. Then you are collected the following day from your phuket hotel in the morning and returned that evening. if you are traveling around then its also possible to return you to another guest house phuket after the trip.

What ever you plans for you holiday to Phuket Thailand then you need to make a stop in Mermaids Bar to get the latest information and all the best tours and Phuket day trips all in one place. The chances are that once you discover Mermaids bar then you will be using their services to plan and book the next days trips and excursions as you go while sitting back, watching the sunset and generally enjoying life. Holidays do not get better than this.