Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great Low Season Prices On Amazing Tours to Explore Phuket Thailand.

Phuket Thailand has always been a great holiday destination for all types of holiday maker from the five star resorts to back packers.

There is just so much to see and do for beach lovers, divers and snorkelers, sight seeing, foodies, shoppers, photographers and people who just want to isolation and relaxation.

Here on the sunny Andaman ocean island there are amazing phuket tours suited for all.  From a day snorkeling, canoeing, exploring the limestone caves around James Bond Island. Or speed boat trip to see the location of the Hollywood movies " The Beach" on the Phi Phi Bamboo day trip. Visit Maya bay, monkey beach, viking caves, bamboo island and the great snorkeling on khai island too.  These are the most popular of the Phuket islands tours but there are so many more that get you away from the crowds.

Then between October and May we have the Similan islands. This is a marine national park and offers some of the best diving an snorkeling in the world. The similans are best seen from a diving point of view by taking a 3 or 4 day similan islands liveaboard trip. This way once you are in the national park you have time to really explore the islands and get up away from the day trippers to places like Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock which is rated in the top dive dive locations in the world.

Then for snorkeling in the similan islands the best option is speed boat. This way you can get to 4 islands in one day. Each getting in close to the white sandy beaches and bays that the big dive boats can not reach. The white sand is so soft you just sink into it and it feels like you are the first people to set foot on the islands as with each tide wipes away all traces of the people who were there yesterday.  The reefs are shallow and are teeming with exotic marine life and with in easy reach of everyone.

Then for the more sporty Phuket game fishing is a mecca for big game fish seekers. From Tuna, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorado and the occasional shark. Phuket sits in the Andaman ocean which brings in the big fish to the warm shallows for a clean and a feed before heading back into the deeper waters just of the west coat. Game fishing phuket has three main trips. Standard trip which is trolling and hand lines and a snorkel / swimming lunch stop. This trip gets you tuna , Dorado as the main fish plus lots of smaller bottom fish on the hand lines. Then the Big game trip is all trolling and takes you around the islands for the tuna and then out onto a shelf on the edge of the deep water which is where the marlin, sailfish, sharks are. Then we have night fishing which is great for many strange night creatures plus lots of squid. This is a great evening trip as the heat has gone and the trip offers stunning sunsets over the islands and what better place to have dinner but on a small boat out in the Andaman ocean at sunset.

Then of course there is the Phuket scuba diving. There is no better place to go. Warm shallow reefs make the Phuket diving second to none. From experienced divers with thousands of dives behind them to the newly certified open water course Phuket will offer you diving trips that you will remember for life. Then for many who have never been diving before the discover scuba diving phuket has to offer will get you hooked for life. Phuket Thailand is one of the few locations you may see a giant oceanic manta ray or the largest fish in the ocean the Whale shark on you very first dive.  Diving Phuket really does have awesome diving for all. The one thing to take into account is the Similan islands. Being a national park you do need to be certified to dive there but its possible to do the open water course similans on a liveabaord that departs in the evening. Then you have time for the class and pool session in the day time and board the similan liveaboard for the diving part.

Plus on top of all of this there re the beaches, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs, restauratnts, Elephant trekking, ATV, rafting, cruises and several phuket safari tours too.  The best of these is the Khao Sok discovery tour. This is a great trip to explore the Khao Sok national park.

This is either a 1 night or two night trip. The over night trip can be exploring the jungles or the lakes and rivers where the 2 night trip gives you 1 night in the jungle and one on the lake. This is a nature lovers and photographers dream and a great break from the beaches and noise of the big resorts.

  For all of these great phuket tours and all the other day trip Phuket has its so simple. We just collect you from your phukel hotel on the date you want. Then you do the tours you want for the number of days you want and we return you to your hotel or phuket guest house that evening in time for dinner. The number of guest house phuket has is stunning. We can collect you from one and take you back to another as you travel around the island.

For the ultimate way to visit phuket Thailand then all you need to do is pop online and chat live to us here at Thailand Divers and we can offer you all the help and advice to make a taylor made holiday just for you.