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The Great Diving and NON Diving Tours Of Phuket Thailand

I feel this may be a good time to write a bit about all the great diving Phuket has to offer.

What with all the trouble in the Middle East and all the people who normally dive in the Red Sea now having to look elsewhere to dive. Many are looking to the warm waters of Phuket Thailand to get their diving fix but there are so many choices for those that never travel out of the Red Sea. So many phuket dive centers to choose from. There are so many places to dive, so many dive sites. Where do they choose?? I am not going to say this is best or thats the best as everyone is different and everyone wants something different out of their trip . The beat thing is to listen to other people and what they say. The common consensus is the best islands in Thailand are the Similan islands.
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During high season there are so many options for diving in phuket. If you are looking for a liveaboard  then think similan Thailand and you wont go wrong.  From November through to April there are up to  hundred companies from all over the world all claiming the same thing. That they are the best and they are the only company to come to with for scuba diving Thailand. This is the first difference with Thailand Divers. We dont say how good we are. We rely on our customers to tell us about what they think of us. Some say this is a risky plan and it may be if you keep getting bad feedback. In this day and age more people complain  about things than say thank you, or we had a great time. However this has been the policy of Thailand Divers and it has worked for the last 13 years. Thailand divers has been teaching people scuba diving in phuket since 2003. Not only do we run all PADI courses but we also have 3 dive day trip seven days a week 365 days a year. This is rare for resorts offering diving in Thailand.

 Due to the conditions here phuket day trips scuba diving is available here all year round. We teach people from total non swimmers who have never seen the sea before right up to people with 10,000 dives behind them. On top of this we also run liveaboard trips to the Similans from Mid October right through till mid May departing everyday. So no matter when you arrive or depart we have a 1 night, 2 night, 3 night right up to 2 weeks or as many nights as you like departing on the day you want and returning on the day you want.  We also have liveaboard trips during “low season” too to the uninhabited island of Racha Noi. There are so many Thailand islands to choose from but from phuket there are so many options that we can happily dive here all year round. 

All I can do is tell you whats is available and when it is either by e-mail, phone, or live chat on the website.  I can advise you on local weather, conditions and what locations are diving well at the time you will be arriving. I can get you to the best locations for you and your group. But what I can not do is make comments on what our customers say about diving in phuket and about us. I can leave that part up to all of you.

I can highly recommend this company for this phuket scuba diving trip. I did the 7 dives over the 2 days with 1 being a night dive.
Firstly a big than you to Simon who I contacted via message/email. Who was very helpful and quick with information and advice on arranging our trip.Next was are transport and pick up via luxury a/c minibus early start 06:30 it was on time, the driver was informative and told us to have a sleep as it was a 1 and 1/2 hour trip to dock area.So my wife was happy to have a sleep for the journey.When we arrived at the docks, we were offered drinks, light snacks and toilet facilities were clean. All of our luggage was taken by the staff the boat/ bus boys, to the fast speed boat.The speed boat was all packed up and we departed for the Similan Islands, about 1 & 1/4 hour journey.We saw Dolphins swimming along side our boat. Great!When we arrived at the large dive boat 3!!We were greeted warmly by the ships crew.The dive instructor was very welcoming and told us about our day with all the information we needed to know.My dive master was George (Spanish) very nice guy. He sorted all our dive equipment out and put it altogether for us.My wife was only on the boat for the day doing 2 dives, her dive master was Sun (Thai) lady and my wife said after she was very helpful and made her feel at ease.The dives were amazing water was warm 28c lots of different and colourful fish to see and made more interesting by our dive masters input and knowledge of the area.The boat dropped us off on our entry point the came to pick us up, lovely the boat boys were helpful in getting us out of the water, quickly and safely. So thank you guys it’s great when my wife gets tired and some one helps you out of the water.The guys on the boat serviced all our scuba tanks so all we had to do was to turn on our air and safety checks, so easy.The food was very good, tasty and hot. (Better than some taverners/ restaurants we visited. All drinks were free and plentiful food was available throughout the day.The toilets/ shower rooms very clean so my wife was happy again.The room I shared was comfortable and warm, plenty of room for two.My only small problem was at the dive centre dock waiting room they had a price list of items to sell. Tee shirt 300thb ect, but when I returned I wanted to purchase one, to be told they don’t sell these items. Only on the boat. My fault I should have asked on board. But how many other people have done the same. Maybe someone on the boat should say that you can buy these on here. Or advertise them on the boat.So I would highly recommend this trip amazing experience well organised throughout .I will recommend to all my friendsThank-you very much for the great memories and lovely adventureWayne & Louise Hubbard

When we get letters, e-mails,  reviews on trip advisor, comments on Facebook, Twitter and the rest like the one above from Louise and Wayne we know we are doing things right. We know that here at Thailand Divers that by listening to the people who come to phuket scuba diving and trust us to organize their day trips phuket trip for them, whether a day trip, Discover Scuba Diving phuket for the total novice, divers and snorkelers together for the day or for a similan islands liveaboard and of course people who want to get their PADI license or next level certification, that we can and are providing the best service. Here at Thailand Divers we know that by listening to both customers and instructors alike how we can get better. That is how Thailand Divers has been doing so well over the last 13 years when so many other  dive centers have come and gone.  So before you book your dive trip just take a quick look at what real people think and all the options that each place has to offer. Have a talk with us on live chat to answers any other questions that you may have. So just see what other people are saying about diving phuket. See what they were doing on their trip and see if thats what you like.

The other thing that makes a top phuket dive shop is that it will cater for groups when some people dive and other dont. Thailand Divers offers great phuket tours for the non divers too.  There is a large selection of  Phuket islands to visit for either just sightseeing or if you are looking for phuket snorkeling trips. 

Then we have some great phuket tours that are land based too. A great place for all nature lovers is a couple of days doing a phuket safari. Just north of phuket Thailand is the Khao Sok national park and this is a great place for nature photographers or for a day or two just to have a break from the crowded beaches. The Khao Sok discovery tour can be a nice overnight jungle safari spending the night in a comfortable bungalow in the jungle. 

This includes a jungle elephant trekking, canoeing, night trekking and swimming in cool waterfall pools. Or a 2 day 1 night lake safari which includes and elephant trekking, bamboo raft safari and exploring the lake system by longtail boat. This really is one of the best things to do in Phuket.

On all tours you are well care for as you are always collected from your phuket hotel and guest house phuket in the morning and returned in time for dinner in the evening.  Then the phuket game fishing trips are something special. From tuna, black marlin, sail fish, barracuda dorado and many more just off shore makes the game fishing phuket has something special. then if you have a good phuket guest house or patong beach hotel there is a good chance they will cook the tuna you catch for you that evening. Normally a good idea to give one to them or the chef as then they can sell it or eat it themselves as a thank you. 

With all this plus so much more available everyday makes phuket Thailand an exceptional holiday destination for all.

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