Monday, February 13, 2017

Awesome Land Safari in Phuket Thailand

Most people think of Phuket Thailand for two or three reasons. Yes Phuket is home to some of the greatest scuba diving Thailand has to offer.

The Phuket diving is in both the gulf of Thailand with places like Phi Phi being one of the more popular of the Phuket tours and out in the Andaman ocean. The Andaman ocean is home to some of the best diving in the world with the Similan islands just one and a half hours off the coast. The Similans are best done on a Similan islands liveabaord or a diving " safari" where you have 2-4 days on the boat and then you can really explore in style.

Then there are the perfect beaches that surround the islands in the area with Phuket itself being the largest of the Phuket islands.  Thousands of people come to these tropical shores each year just to relax, grab some winter sun, swim in the warm waters and enjoy a break on the best islands in Thailand.

Then of course there are the party goers. Phuket has long been a place where you can party the night away in the party towns like Patong beach. Patong and Phuket unlike Ibiza is not full of drunk Brits being sick and fighting.  Phukets mix of bars, shows, live music, coffee houses and restaurants means everyone can mix together no matter what your choice of nightlife. The quality of service does vary from bar to bar but mostly they are all friendly, inexpensive and most are looking for regular customers. Then the quality of live music in Phuket is well above most countries back home to the extent that not only do they do requests from people from all over the world but they do almost perfect covers. No matter what your taste of food, music or entertainment then its all close by in Phuket.

Now we move away from the " beach resort" to an area that most do not even know exists. Just north of Phuket is several  large national parks. This area is home to great lakes, rivers, mountains, jungle and almost unlimited wildlife. As the national park ares are so close they almost link together makes for a very large area to explore. From the Phang Nga national park, then Khao Lak national park which runs into Khao Sok national park. This means that there are great Phuket safari tours right on your doorstep.

The best of these is the Khao Sok safari as this can be an over night trip or a 3 day two night adventure. The two day one night trip can be either a jungle safari or a lake / river safari as Khao Sok hosts a massive lake that is there to be discovered by long tail boat, canoe and on foot and is home to some stunning wildlife. The Jungle safari is done by elephant, on foot and Bamboo raft with you spending the night is comfortable bungalows. Where on the lake safari you stay on bungalows built on stilts on the lake.

Then the best options for a really great phuket safari is to do a three day two night and combine the jungle and lake safari. If you are a photographer or nature lover then this will be a trip of a lifetime. Just remember the battery charger and spare battery as you will take thousands of photos over the three day. Plus on both two day and three safaris then you also get a night trek which can provide some stunning wildlife photos. Khao sok discovery really is a trip not to be missed.

Then a bit closer to home is the Khao lak safari day trip. this trip will get you the jungle elephant trekking, bamboo rafting and other sightseeing locations including the temple and caves and you will still be home in time for dinner and a night out.

For all these and any other of the phuket day trips just go online and take a look at Thailand Divers site and chat online with them. From James Bond island speed boat tour, white water rafting,  phuket game fishing to the Phi Phi bamboo which is one of the more popular of the snorkeling in phuket tours. Then all manor of diving trips for those who want to learn to dive phuket or get their PADI open water course phuket then its all here.

 You are picked up from your Phuket hotel and whisked away on any number of adventures and then you know that you can be back in your patong beach hotel or phuket guest house in time for tea. Then if you choose then you can take a longer safari both on land or on water, diving or by boat. we can even collect you from your guest house phuket and return you to another phuket hotel after the trip so you can continue you adventures. Thailand really is a dream holiday destination for both water lovers and land lubbers alike.