Sunday, January 29, 2017

Phuket Thailands Perfect Quiet Tropical Holiday Destination Even in Patong

Many people come to Phuket Thailand each year for many different reasons. There is of course the awesome diving Phuket has to offer both in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman ocean. There is the similan islands which are by far the best islands in Thailand when it comes to scuba diving.

Then for those that dont dive and just want the best locations for snorkeling again the similans are without a doubt one of the best locations for snorkeling in phuket.  There are plenty of other locations too like James Bond island, Khai island, The phang nga national park, krabi and Phi Phi bamboo.  But the similan islands are by far the best phuket snorkel tour.

However many people prefer to get away from the crowds and want peace and quiet on their holidays. This is where Thailand Divers comes into its own. All the normal things to do in Phuket can be very easy to do as a private tour. Get away from the crowds, set your own departure time and return time so as to miss the crowds. Have the boat to yourself so if you will like a bit more time in one location and then a bit less in another then thats fine as its your tour.  No crowds, no cramped boats. no transfer delays while waiting for other people. Its your holiday, your choice of tours and your timetable.

Then even in the busiest to towns there are idyllic oasis of calm and tranquility. Great phuket hotels and comfortable phuket guest houses for you. Many hidden alcoves that most people just walk on by without ever seeing. There are plenty of Patong beach hotels that have 5* service at 3* prices if you know where to look. Thailand Divers after being here on the island for 15 years has had the time to locate these hidden gems for you. There is many a guest house phuket thats totally tucked away from the masses to offer that total peace and quiet refuge but still close to the beach and town center. Many a good Patong hotel is easily missed.  These amazing Phuket hotels and guest houses will be an ideal hideaway from which to have that perfect calm away from the crowds even in the hight of the season.

When it comes to the tropical island paradise that we all dream about then Similan Thailand is the ideal diving and snorkeling location all with in easy reach of the main island of Phuket. But remember there are also many other phuket islands to explore and if you just ask the right people the right questions then you will never be stuck in that mass tourist rat race ever again. Just ask yourself what is your ideal holiday?

I know what holiday I will prefer...Welcome to Thailand Divers Phuket. Welcome to paradise..