Monday, October 31, 2016

The Similan Islands Are Producing Great Early Seaason Diving In Phuket Thailand.

As always Phuket Thailand eagerly awaits the opening of the similan island national park and this year no different. This year however had was slightly different as we have unusually strong winds and the end of the rainy season is a little later this year. This ment that the trip from the mainland out to the similans was a bit bumpy to say the least. But for those with strong enough stomachs to go were well rewarded. Once there the warm clear water welcomed the the divers with open arms.

The similans islands liveaboards are a rare treat to all divers. Tiny pin pricks on any map but they offer the best scuba diving Thailand has and that mean the best in the world.  Diving phuket has some stunning diving along its very long coast line but when you leave the gulf of Thailand and head out west into the Andaman ocean then thats when you hit the jackpot. The similan islands and surin islands including Richelieu rock will give you the best diving you will find anywhere. When planing a dive trip all you need to do is think Similan Thailand richelieu rock and you know you can not go wrong.

For all scuba divers experienced or novice. As long as you have your PADI open water certification then you are free to explore the similan islands Thailand.  These days with the amount of people wanting to experience similan island diving it is even possible to ( on certain trips) to even get you PADI open water course similan islands. You do the class and pool session in the morning and afternoon and then board the similan island livaboard that night where you can do the open water part of the course in the stunning setting of the similan islands national park. There is no better location to get certified.

Just either come visit Thailand Divers phuket dive shop and we can offer you all the different choices available to you to suit the dates you will like to go as we have trips departing almost every day of the season ( mid October - mid May). Our dive shop phuket is open everyday of the year and we are available via live chat on the website too so you can chat with us long before arriving in phuket. This way we can get you all booked up and answer all your questions while you are planning your trip.  As for scuba diving phuket is one of the best places there is.