Monday, October 24, 2016

The Amazing Similan Islands Is Not Just For Experience Divers But For Novices And Snorkelling Too.

 Similan Islands are a group of 9 islands located in the Andaman Sea, approximately 75 km off the coast of Thailand’s Phangna Province. Established as a national park in 1982, the islands have more recently been named by the National Geographic Society as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful destinations. With its crystal clear water and the finest sand in the world. the island’s waters provide ideal snorkeling conditions. Above the water, Similan Thailand you think of powdery sand, found on the beautiful white beaches throughout the islands, crystal clear bays and lagoons. Come and join us for the day were we will visit 4 of the 9 amazing islands of the Similans. Voted top 10 destination of the world by National Geographic.

The Similan island national park is a very popular site as they are the best of the phuket islands but you do need to be certified to dive there. This however does allow you to do the open water course similans on a similan island liveabaord. This does mean they you can learn to dive phuket or in the similan islands. 

Because it's world renowned for its access to nearby Surin islands and Similan Island diving is a huge draw to the island of Phuket. Thailand is one of the most affordable places to get into this hugely rewarding sport, yet it is not without its risks -- safety is paramount when choosing your operator. When you are selecting a company, always check that it is PADI certified. Many of the storefront operations are just consolidators for other companies (meaning you get less quality care and pay a fee to a middle man), so ask if they have their own boats and make sure you'll be diving with the folks you meet behind the counter. Also check about the ratio of divers to instructor or dive master; anything more than five-to-one is not acceptable, and it should be more like two-to-one for beginner courses.

If you are in phuket thailand and you do not visit the similan islands then you are missing out on not only the best islands in Thailand but one of the top places on earth.