Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thailand Divers is Starting Some Great New Dive Tours and Experiences For 2016 /17

Thailand Divers is always looking to add new experiences for both divers, non divers and people who want to Try Diving.  Here in Phuket Thailand we are always looking to adapt and offer new trips and tours to add to all the things to do in Phuket that are already on offer. 

This season we are starting with a half day Phuket scuba diving trip. This will be running for three days a week to begin with.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we will be offering a two dive day to the coral reefs of Racha Yai. This is a great location when scuba diving Thailand as when on holiday you do not any longer need to get up early to go diving in Thailand

With this trip for scuba diving Thailand you can get up later, have a nice relaxed breakfast and a dip in the pool first. We pick you up at midday from your hotel lobby and take you to the boat. We are using a comfortable speed boat thats been built for diving. The boat has tank racks behind each seat so you can sit down to get kitted up. The boat has a compressor so unlike with other speed boats there is no need for extra tanks stashed all over the boat we just refill the tanks so not even a need to move your equipment after each dive. 

The boat has a sun deck on the bow section to relax and catch some sun on the way out and a nice shaded area too. The boat is equipped with all the electronics and safety equipment that you find on western standard boats which makes this the safest speed boat on the island. 

The nice thing with this  Phuket diving trip is that for anyone who may get seasick on the bigger boats is this trip only takes 30 minutes and 10 of those is in the bay by the marina so there is not time for the rolling motion to have an effect.  Then on arrival at the island there is great snorkelling for the non divers and even plenty of time to go to the beach and relax and go swimming. 

Then after the second dive we have nice cruise back to Phuket late afternoon with the sun setting into the golden ocean and a nice glass of something fizzy and cold.  This is the ideal holiday dive trip. This will also be a great introduction for anyone wanting to discover scuba diving phuket as there will be not many phuket dive shops offering a trip like this. Its things like this that has made Thailand Divers such a popular phuket dive center over all these years. 

We are also going to give everyone a chance to experience scuba diving in a pool first. We will be having Phuket try dive days where people can just turn up and have our instructors give them basic training in the pool first and for those who love it can join us on the boat where they can really learn to dive Phuket in style. We will be starting with 2 or 3 days per week for the try dive with the afternoon trips running the following days to Racha Yai to practise what you learned in your Try dive Phuket session. 

Thailand phuket is an amazing place to learn to dive.

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