Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shark Diving In Phuket Thailand with Thailand Divers.

Phuket Thailand has some of the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer. From the sweeping shallow but stunning reefs of the Racha islands to the soaring pinnacles of places like richelieu rock that can bee seen in the similan islands. Phi phi island is a location well known from the movie The Beach but for scuba diving phuket its a great location to go diving with sharks. Both reef sharks and Leopard sharks are common here.


Phi Phi Island consist of more than 25 dive sites, suitable for beginners and experienced scuba divers. Here you'll also have the best chances to swim with turtles and black-tip reef sharks. The islands of Bida Nok just to the south of Phi Phi Ley is a great location when scuba diving thailands oceans.                                                             
The stunning view of the majestic limestone rocks, plunging into the clear water is an experience itself and the astonishing nature opens up and continues under the surface. Here you'll find some of the best Thailand diving sites, like the two small and world-famous islands of Bida Nok & Bida Nai. Or what about visiting Palong and Maya bay, known from the block-buster movie "The Beach" with Leonardo De Caprio? Here you'll also have the best chances to swim with turtles and black-tip reef sharks. On your dive trip to Phi Phi islands you will experience some of the best scuba diving phuket has with dramatic walls and pinnacles and coral fields with more life than you can imagine. Diving in Thailand at Phi Phi Islands can be done all year around (many divers do!) and is both varied and spectacular.

Then the Similan island national park is in a class of its own if you are looking for the massive whale shark. The similans are home to Thailand liveaboards fleet. There are trips leaving everyday to the similan islands. From an over night trip to a massive two week safari. Similan island diving trips has it all. From the nine islands in the similan island chain to Koh Bon, Koh tachai, the surin islands and onto Richelieu rock. Join a similan islands liveaboard for the best dive trip you will ever have. Similan Thailand equals awesome diving.