Saturday, October 8, 2016

At Last A Dive Trip Fitting With A Tropical Island Paradise

At last there is a great dive trip that does not need you to get up before the birds. Phuket Thailand has a large number of dive centers and even more dive boats bit they all have just one thing in common. "We pick you up from your hotel at 07:30am" or if you are going to the Similan islands then its 06:30am.  Now what do people want on holiday? Most want a lie in followed by a good breakfast and may be a dip in the pool before thinking about what to do for the day.  Sounds good yes??

Well here at Thailand Divers we have something new to offer.  We have made diving phuket a relaxed affair. We now have an afternoon diving trip with hotel pick ups starting at midday.  We have taken scuba diving Thailand to a whole new level.  Although the big dive boats offer great service, excellent food and a very relaxed day in stunning surroundings. The two things that they cant offer is late starts or short boat trips.

Now the long boat trip does have a bad effect on some....sea sickness. Now by using a comfortable high powered speed boat we can solve both these problems. With a boat trip of 30 minutes there is not time for the motion sickness to kick in, specially as 10 minutes of this time is in the large bay where the marina is located.  As far as things to do in Phuket goes scuba diving is up there at the top of the list. The great thing about the scuba diving  Phuket has to offer is we have great locations in shallow waters very close to the main island resorts.

Phuket diving is in warm waters all year round and we dive here 365 days a year. The locations we have available offer great diving for even the most nervous divers. Discover scuba diving phuket is done not in a pool but on the shallow reefs of Racha Noi and or racha Yai. Now this has far more to see than the sides of a swimming pool.

This afternoon trip is a perfect way to discover scuba diving phuket.  You can still make full use of the great nightlife the night before and still have time to go diving. The trip will speed you out to the island of Racha Yai where you will have time for 2 dives each one an hour long. There is time to relax on the beach too. Plus for non divers there is great swimming and snorkelling while those who want to dive do.

After the second dive its back aboard the speed boat where you will have time for a glass of sparkling wine or chilled punch as we speed over the flat ocean as the sun sets into the golden ocean. This is what diving in Thailand should be like. Lazy days, tropical islands, warm clear oceans, spectacular sunsets and chilled fizz as the sun sets. Now this is what the experience dives can see very day on the liveaboards in the similans but has always been out of reach of many novice divers and pretty much all snorkelers. But not anymore. Paradise really has come to the masses and every single person who wants to experience scuba diving in Phuket. This is a great boat on which to learn to dive Phuket as you can do both discover scuba diving and even your open water course Phuket without having to get up at the crack of dawn. This is how holidays in Thailand phuket especially are ment to be.