Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Amazing Island of Phuket in The Beautiful Andaman Ocean

Phuket Thailand.

The island of Phuket Thailand is a stunning island set in the tropics off the east coast in the Andaman ocean.  The year round warm weather and clear blue oceans make it a perfect get away location. Many people flock to Thailand Phuket especially is a big draw for many reasons as there are so many things to do in Phuket both on and off the water. There are many small bays and coves to explore all over the island and some that can only be reached by long tail boat.  From Phuket you are in easy reach of the best islands in Thailand.  Whether for sightseeing, snorkeling or just exploring the stunning locations that litter the Phuket coast line.

The most popular islands are the ones that have been made famous from the movies like James Bond island. This was the setting for Sean Connery and Christopher Lee in the movie "The Man With The Golden Gun". This Phuket tour takes in many other location too. Exploring the limestone caves by sea canoe, a visit to the floating fishing village, snorkeling on the warm clear reefs, a great lunch and of course James Bond island itself.

Then there is Phi Phi Phi island made famous from the Hollywood movie "The Beach" This is normally done with the amazing Bamboo Island Thailand (as there are many bamboo islands around the world.) This really is a pirates island. Sand, a few palm trees and a few shacks to buy cool drinks or ice cream. The real reason for stopping here is the great snorkeling.

Then there are the best islands in Thailand may be even the world when it comes to snorkeling and diving in Thailand.  These lie to the west of Phuket Thailand and are the Similan Islands. These are a chain of 9 islands set in a clear blue ocean with no hotels as the islands as a whole are uninhabited. The nine islands plus Koh Bon and Koh Tachai to the north make up the similan island national park. These are open from 15th October till the 15th May each year. The reason for closing is two fold. Firstly to keep the island and the marine creatures a break from humans so limiting the damaging effects that constant tourism brings. This also being a turtle breeding ground so best to leave them in peace. Secondly June till September is Monsoon season so the sea can be a bit rough so becomes dangerous for the boats as the Similans are uninhabited there are no harbors for the bigger dive boats and the sea is too rough for the snorkel speed boats. The Similan Islands are listed in the National Geographic in the Top 10 destinations for scuba diving in the world. If that was not reason enough then Jaques Cousteau also listed  diving Richelieu Rock in his top 10 places to go. If anyone has travelled the world diving and snorkeling then its him. This truly does make the Similan Islands a place that everyone should visit.

Then there are also places closer to Phuket too. Places like Khai Island that offer great snorkeling for either a day trip or half day trip. This is ideal for people who want to make full use of their holiday as they can do an afternoon trip if they arrive in the morning or go in the morning of their last day if they have an afternoon flight. This island has great snorkeling as its surrounded by shallow sand and reef attracting many types of fish.

Then there are so many other great ways to explore the island of Phuket. ATVs or rafting for the adventurous thrill seekers.
Then we have full day Safari's to the Khao Sok national park where you can float down the river on a bamboo raft in peace and quiet with some amazing photo shots available of the wildlife.  Then amble back through the jungle paths on the back of an Elephant.  The take an Ox cart  to a local village for lunch.

 Then amble back through the jungle paths on the back of an Elephant.  The take an Ox cart  to a local village for lunch.

Horse riding too along the white sandy beaches of Phukets virgin and hidden beaches. Again this is great for a half day trip as the rides are for the morning and later in the afternoons to keep the horses out of the midday sun. 

Then There is a dinner cruise to round the day off. How about a five course meal on board a Chinese junk and it sails through the Phang Nga national park at sunset. This truly is the most amazing back drop to your evening meal that you can ever find anywhere. Amazing food in one of the most romantic settings that you will ever see. You can see this a thousand times at it will take your breath away every single time.

All of these plus the local markets and designer shopping centers, bowling, bars, shows and nightlife you will never be stuck for things to do in Phuket. So when planning your next holiday then you really need to give serious thought Phuket Thailand. Once you have been then nothing else quite hits the spot again.