Monday, June 27, 2016

Education is the Best Way to Save the Oceans and Sharks in Particular.

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Great idea as any idea to get people aware of the problems with the slaughter of the sharks is a good thing.  But may be a better idea is to use the money to take children and young adults on a day trip to see sharks first hand.  Places like phuket thailand has a great number of schools for locals and westerners as well as thousands of young people on holiday. Most locations where sharks are hunted are close top shore. So it will be far better to take people on a day trip from Phuket snorkeling  or to do a discover scuba diving  phuket day where they can see sharks first hand. Phuket diving has so much to offer both in enjoyment and of course saving the oceans for years to come.

If  businesses and the general public can all put in a small donation then local dive and snorkel centers will gladly help to assist with the education of the young as it safeguards their enviroment too. Here in  Thailand Phuket even more so,  all dive centers give their boats for a reef clean up 2-3 times a year and all divers go at cost price and instructors give their time for free. The same would be done to educate the children about the oceans and sharks too.  There are so many great things to do in Phuket  and if we can make education a fun thing too then we are protecting the oceans and sharks in particular for decades to come. Places like Phuket Thailand that has such a great recourse in the ocean that here is a prime location for fun and education at the same time.