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Amazing Phuket Thailand. So Many Things To Do In Phuket And So Much fun To Have.

Amazing Phuket Thailand. So Many Things To Do In Phuket And So Much fun To Have.

The amazing island of phuket thailand is a middle sized island in the Andaman ocean off the east coast of Thailand. In thailand phuket is the most wealthy province. The high income and land prices come from the fact that phuket thailand is a huge destination for all types of tourist from all over the world. Warm clear seas with white sandy beaches makes an ideal location for beach lovers. Warm tropical breezes and palm tree lined beaches give respite from the hot midday sun. There are many small coves and bays that offer quite almost private beaches many that you can only get to by long tail boat.

Even in “low” season or monsoon season (June – October) does not mean rain everyday. This can be the best time to come as the island is quieter and there are still plenty of sunny days. This time of year there are many day even on the main beaches that you can find yourself with several hundred meters between you and the next people. Yes you may have a few days when it rains at some point in the day. Monsoon season in the tropics it can be raining cats and dogs one minute and yen minutes later blue sky and sun. It can be raining one side of the island and a perfect beach day the other. Then in the afternoon it can be the other way round.

So what to do in phuket? As already mentioned the hundred plus bays and beaches. Then with so many beaches and a perfect ocean all around thailand phuket has become a mecca for scuba diving in thailand. With so many locations on the doorstep phuket scuba diving has really taken whats available to the average person to a whole new level. The phuket diving industry rally has opened up an amazing new world to thousands each year. From total beginners who dont even know how to swim the PADI discover scuba diving phuket program is ideal. Here in phuket divingcan be done directly in the sea on many of the shallow reefs rather than in the pool first. many of the bays are shallow and well protected with no currents and excellent conditions for most of the year. These great reefs with swimming pool like conditions means the can let people experience the amazing diving phuket has to offer without having to waste a day of the holiday in a pool first where they really is nothing to see. Then there is no better place to do go further and do the  PADI Open Water Course phuket or advanced course. There are many places like Thailand Divers dive centers phuket that can advise and arrange any number of trips and locations for you to go diving in phuket.

Then there are the similan islands which is one of the top locations in the world just off the west coast. So when in phuket diving then a similan trip should be considered. This can be done as an overnight similan liveaboard trip which will get you seven dives over two days including a night dive which is a great experience if you have never done one before. There are so many dive sites in thesimilan islands that really three or four days is the better option. You can even arrange the PADIopen water course phuket or open water course similans if you want to try a liveaboard at the same time. If you do a three or more day similan liveaboard then you get a chance to go diving richelieu rock which was in Jaques Cousteau’s top ten dive sites and that is the highest stamp of approval you can get.

There are also so many things to do in phuket if you are a non diver in thailand phuket has plenty to offer from phuket snorkeling at bamboo island thailand and Phi Phi  or even the similans to a speed boat trip to james bond island. If this is still not to your liking then what to do in phuket?? How about a safari tour, atv tour or elephant trekking, white water rafting. Then there is a relaxing evening dinner cruise on a traditional junk through the  thousands of islands in the Phang Nga national park at sunset or some big game fishing, shopping in the many markets and shopping centers, bowling, massage and saunas. There really is so many things to do in phuket thailand.

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