Sunday, April 24, 2016

Amazing Diving with Thailand Divers in Phuket Thailand All year Round

The best thing about the wonderful island of phuket thailand is the fact the conditions are great all year round. Even when in phuket scuba diving in green or low season the conditions underwater are very good most days as there are dive sites are so varied that what ever the conditions then there are always well protected sites. So when diving in phuket no matter what time of year as long as you have a good experienced guide and are diving with a good dive center then you can be sure to have a good days diving.

The things to look for are a dive center like Thailand Divers that has been around for many years (14 years) and one that has instructors that live on the island all year round and have again been here for many years. Any gap year student that many dive centers use can have a good dive in phuket thailand in high season when conditions are perfect everyday. The things that make a good instructor are people who can still provide a good dive all year round. The only way to do that is to have instructors who have had several years diving in green season.

For many of the better instructors that live on phuket scuba diving in green or low season provides better diving. There are less people and less boats to disturb the more shy marine creatures.  Then their skills becomes evident as they are the ones who are finding the less common creatures. They are the people who have avoided any currents and have had a great days diving.

The dive sites in phuket thailand like Racha Noi and Racha Yai are perfectly alined so no matter from what direction the weather comes from there are dive sites available that offer flat water, minimal currents and lots of varied marine life.

We have racha Noi which is an uninhabited islands to the south of Phuket. Its a long thin island with several bays on both sides. The bays are white sandy bays with hard coral throughout the bay. The vizability is normally 20 - 30 meters as as the bays are nice sloping reef its makes for ideal snorkeling too. This is normally done with racha Yai which again is nice sloping bays and quitte a lot of artificial reef in Bay one. There are also 4 wrecks there too all put there for divers. Three are easy to get to for open water certified divers and the third is for advanced (with deep specialty).  This is also the island where you can see a few unusual things like elephants, or a temple, motorbike too.

Phi Phi is a great location for both photos of the islands and for diving too. Phi Phi Ley is the location for the movie the Beach so always good for a few photos.  The west coast of Phi Phi is really the best as there is something for all. There are black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks and Hawks Bill turtles on may of the west coats dive sites.  The east side is nice and relaxing place to dive during monsoon season as the huge cliffs of Phi phi keep the vizability good and the sites well protected from the weather.

The dive sites of King Cuuiser, Shark Point and Anemone reef can be harder to get to if there are squalls. The reason for this is that the areas to drop on are smaller and if the wind is high then its harder for the boats to stay on the site. The tactic is normally drop a few groups who will go under fairly fast to get out of the waves. The boat will then circle round and drop the next few groups and the same again. This is actually very good as the dive groups are well spread out. Once under the water the colours are amazing. lots of soft corals, big sea fans sea horses and leopard sharks. This is  great place to explore with a camera as there is so much to see. You can dive here several days and still find new things with every dive.

So as you can see scuba diving in phuket is amazing all year round. The other good advantage of the low or green season is the cost of flights and hotels which means you can then justify another days diving or to to a PADI course. Either get yourself certified or progress to an advance diver. May be take the underwater photography course or become a wreck diver. Its all here waiting for you and as mentioned before the conditions are good in phuket thailand all year round.