Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Similan Islands is Better Than Ever Expected For all Level Divers

Similan Islands is Better Than Ever Expected For all level Divers

The island of phuket thailand has always been a popular location for some great warm water diving. Every year people come scuba diving in phuket and between the months of October tll may the similan islands are always a popular spot for divers to do a liveaboard. This is when people stay on the boat overnight. This is a great way to make the most of the time as you do not need to return each evening to your hotel and thus gives you an extra dive everyday. The people who come to phuket scuba diving for the reason of going on a liveaboard can be anyone from very experienced divers to those who have just completed their open water certification. The warm waters and excellent vizability make scuba diving in phuket a true paradise.
Many dive centers can book you on to a liveaboard but most are more interested in day trips and courses. This year with Thailand Divers we have combined doing a liveaboard and getting certified. Now we can do the pool and theory during the day then in the evening board a boat with your instructor to do a few days in the similan islands to complete the course. This may not seem like a big deal but with many couples, families and friends there will be divers and non divers and want to be divers. By being able to do courses on the liveaboard means that everyone can stay together and get to experience some of the best diving on Earth. This also can benefit the more experienced diver too as when the others in their group are learning they can then either just dive or they can spend their time doing a more specialist course. All of this in one of the top 10 dive locations in the world.
This year the response to the diving in phuket the last few years has been great and now the word seems to have gone global. people from all for corners of the globe are joining us to go scuba diving in phuket. We can now offer such a large choice of boats and we can depart everyday for an overnight trip to a week long trip or longer if you wish.
After living in phuket scuba diving in the similan islands is somethjing you can never get enough of. The area is stunning, the diving unbelievable and the sunsets are better than any post card. There is no better way to spend your days in phuket scuba diving from a liveaboaed in paradise. Lazy days, great food, great friends and diving in locations that you normally only see on the national geographic magazine. Thailand Divers has made a huge jump forward in the standard of service and boat quality and choice for all budgets with boats for all tastes. phuket thailand now is the perfect package to match the perfect location.


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