Monday, December 14, 2015

This is why I Love phuket Thailand and the Similan Islands

This is why I love phuket thailand. There is so much to do if you like adventure and a busy holiday. There is scuba diving in phuket, shopping centers bowling and 1,000s of bars and places to eat.

Thailand Divers
But there are also so many places to go just to get away for some peace and quiet as well. Miles of empty beach. Isolated places ideal for scuba diving in phuket.

Thailand Divers
Friendly locals and stunning warm blue ocean always ending with awesome sunsets.

Tiny places to eat away from the crowds and the menu is what was caught from the boat that afternoon. Scuba diving phuket is just one way for you to get away from the madness of the holiday resorts and discover one of the truly great countries on this world and the friendliest people on earth. Thailand Divers offers it all. What a stunning country. phuket thailand so much more than just diving.

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