Friday, June 26, 2015

Phuket Scuba Diving Private Charter Live Aboards

phuket scuba diving, Private Live Aboards.


There are several ways to enjoy the stunning diving in phuket. There are a good selection of companies that offer live aboards to the similan islands.  The similan islands are just off the West coast of phuket 
thailand and are very popular. They are a great place to see the largest fish in the oceans the Whale Shark and of course the Manta Ray. Being a marine national park there is a huge variety of marine life. Black and White tip reef sharks and Hawks bill Turtles are a plenty.  However if you want to get away from the regular tours and set your own program then why not get a private charter. 

The boat on offer here comes with a first class chef so you can set your own meal times, the captain can take to to the places you (and your dive master) decide on to avoid the other tours. You can plan to arrive at the better sites before the regular live a boards arrive improving dramatically your chances of diving with the Whale Sharks and manta Rays.
Onboard are the Captian, crew, chef and hostess who are there to take care of you and serve your drinks and the sun deck between dives or cocktails at sunset. The crew are there to assist you with dive gear, entering and exiting the water. Running you to the isolated beaches in the inflatable between dives. 

   The most common trip to the Similan islands is 3 day and 2 night trip however longer trips are available on request.Not only can you you use this boat to get to see the Similan islands in complete style and be the envy of everyone. The boat is also available for overnight trips to Phi Phi island too.

Dive the famous Phi Phi and bamboo island thailand

The boat is also a great way for that special day trip to discover the stunning diving and snorkeling around phuket thailand.  
For more information booking details or any other requirements or planned trips please contact either or

When in phuket scuba diving you will get the most perfect settings on Earth

The isolated beaches of the similan islands

scuba diving in phuket is a trip you will never forget

If you are going to phuket scuba diving and want the best of the best then you really need to check this out. This is for that very special occasion.