Monday, June 15, 2015

Never Fall in Love with a Phuket Scuba Diving instructor

What you expect when phuket scuba diving
Never Fall in Love with a Phuket Scuba diving instructor. 

This is diving in phuket
For many people when they Arrive in the Sunny Tropical Island of Phuket Thailand the Rest of the World ceases to exist. I guess this can be said of many truly great holiday destinations. Sun, sea, blue sky and everyone is relaxed and happy. Everyday is perfect but so far from the real lives of everyone who visit that anyone who is living the dream is almost certain not to own a pair of shoes, suit or tie and may be not even a pair of long trousers. Smart dress means cotton cargo shorts instead of board shorts and t-shirt instead of singlet or if really smart a polo shirt. 

However if when you are on holiday the inevitable happens this video will tell you all.

Now you see what you are up against. There are three options.

phuket scuba diving has so much too offer
phuket scuba diving is awesome.
1. Take one look at what you have to compete with and give up.

2. Take up diving in Phuket.  Do your Open Water and  may be Advanced courses. Then keep diving till your Holiday Ends  Go home knowing "your" instructor is still diving in Phuket  and everyday life in whatever your city you are in may as well be on another planet and in no way can mean anything to anyone when they are in Phuket Scuba diving everyday.

phuket thailand is stunning
diving in phuket can not compare to anything else.
3. Take up Scuba diving in Phuket. Go home, sell your house, car and everything. Get the first flight back to Phuket Thailand and join the real world in Phuket Scuba diving and become an instructor. Throw away all your suits, shoes. and spend your days on the beach in shorts and flip flops too.

Come and join the dream and see what you are missing at one of the best dive centers on the island paradise of Phuket.
What to expect everyday to accompany your evening meal or cool drink after work when in phuket scuba diving.